Third-grade teacher, 26, won $150,000 in a Christmas wish contest – then donated it ALL to her school

A third-grade instructor who won $150,000 in an on the web challenge has given her whole rewards to her school.
Nikki Bollerman, 26, won the total as part of Capital One’s #WishForOthers competition, which inquired individuals to submit thoughts of what they would like to do for others this occasion season.
Bollerman, who educates at UP Foundation Dorchester in Boston, said that she wished for each one of her understudies to be capable to take home a book so that they could encounter the delights of reading.
As well as giving her the money, Capital One moreover allowed her wish, what’s more, each youngster was given three books: Journal of a Weak Kid: The Long Haul, My Father’s Winged serpent what’s more, Where the Wild Things Are.
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She was regarded this week by Boston Leader Marty Walsh after giving her prize back to the school, which is as it were a year old. Governor Deval Patrick too sent her a letter.
‘I need to thank Nikki for your thoughtfulness what’s more, your humility, what’s more, you are absolutely a sparkling illustration of incredible things to the city of Boston,’ Walsh said at the press conference. ‘We are thankful for your hard work what’s more, generosity. You have roused parts of individuals with your benevolent act.’ 
Bollerman told ABC News that it giving away the cash appeared like the characteristic choice. 

‘I truly made the wish for my understudies what’s more, I was blessed, fortunate what’s more, appreciative that Capital One gave me the opportunity,’ she said. ‘Since I made the wish for my understudies I thought I would do something to make their lives better Or maybe than spend it on myself.’
In her winning entry, she wrote: ‘My #wishforothers is that my voracious, adorable, hardworking, adoring researchers all take off for their December break with a book in their hand.’ 
Capital One moreover shared a video of the minute her kids were displayed with the books.
‘I attempted not to cry,’ she said in the video as she was seen giving out the bundles to her energized students. ‘I truly just needed them to have books of their own.’ 
Bollerman said she needs the cash to be utilized on better PC get to what’s more, coding lessons for the children.
She told ABC that since she needed each youngster in the school to go home with a book – not just her class – she what’s more, her mother purchased each youngster in other classes a book as well.  

‘We are so glad of Nikki, her individual teachers, what’s more, all of our scholars,’ the school composed on its website. ‘Thank you for all that you do!’
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