‘Jarryd gets better every week’: San Francisco 49ers praises Hayne’s performance after his 37-yard punt return set up the team for their only points in a thrashing

A tremendous 37-yard punt return from Jarryd Hayne set up the San Francisco 49ers as it were touchdown in their crush against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night.
And the play didn’t go unnoticed by head mentor Jim Tomsula who tended to Hayne’s execution in the post-game press conference.
‘Jarryd proceeds to get better each week, he does,’ Tomsula said. 
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‘He works his tail off.’ 
Meantime others have called on social media for the previous NRL star to be given a shot at playing quarter-back, counting NFL Live have Trey Wingo.
‘At this point just put Jarryd Hayne in at QB. How could it be worse?’ he tweeted amid the game. 

Hayne’s play was one of the most grounded moves seen amid the 47-7 misfortune to the undefeated side in Arizona.
Despite the 49ers crush at the hands of the Cardinals, it appears the Hayne Plane has well what’s more, genuinely demonstrated his capacity in the NFL.  

Hayne begun on the field at the starting of the game, what’s more, his creature run incited the NFL to tweet about his great appear on the field.
‘FACT: Jarryd Hayne is NOT a fun man to tackle,’ they wrote. 
’37-yard return with a truck stick to boot. #HaynePlane #SFvsAZ’. 
Earlier in the diversion 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick had two passes captured in the to begin with six minutes, with the Cardinals returning both for touchdowns some time recently including a third to make the score 21-0.
Hayne gotten one punt, be that as it may called for a reasonable catch, so didn’t return it for any yards while 49ers reinforcement running back obligations have gone to Mike Davis, not the previous NRL star. 
At half time the Cardinals were driving 31-7, augmenting that hole to 40-7 by the end of the third quarter.
The end comes about saw the Cardinals win the diversion 47-7. 

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