Brothel attacked in Melbourne drive-by shooting with ‘several shots fired from a high-powered rifle’ in the fourth attack in five months on sex venues in the city

A whorehouse has been directed in a drive-by shooting in Melbourne’s south-east close to where a few other assaults on strip clubs have happened in the past five months. 
Up to six shots were let go at the Club 859 whorehouse in Caulfield South just after 3am on Wednesday.
Police say a high-powered rifle was utilized to splash the whorehouse with shots be that as it may no one was injured, concurring to 3AW.
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Five individuals were inside the building at the point when the drive-by shooting happened be that as it may none are accepted to have been customers.
Police are exploring the later shooting following a spate of weapon viciousness in Melbourne. 
The house of ill-repute is found just 750 meters from the Little cats strip club, which was crushed in a bikie illegal conflagration assault just six weeks ago.
It was the third time one of the Little cats strip clubs had been directed since November last year.
In the other non-fatal shootings, a bouncer was shot in the confront in January what’s more, another was harmed in a extraordinary assault in November. 
Police have not connected the assaults on Little cats strip club to the later shooting at Club 859. 



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