Shut the **** up! How the lady mayor dealt with an online critic who slammed her pleas to welcome refugees on Facebook

A woman leader who told a commentator of her plans to help evacuees to ‘shut the **** up’ has been blamed of bringing disgrace on her role.
Weymouth what’s more, Portland Leader Christine James lashed out in the late-night rage on Facebook after coming under fire from residents.
Mrs James, 56 – who has a criminal conviction for striking her repelled councilor spouse – told her informer to talk to her ‘face to face’ or, on the other hand ‘shut the **** up’.
But town lobby partners last night said the dialect was improper for the area’s ‘number one citizen’.
The Liberal Democrat councilor had freely claimed for occupants to give products for evacuee families. 
While a few adulated her for the campaign, others went on the web to charge her of being a ‘leftie’ what’s more, giving away ‘meagre resources’.
Responding to remarks from one commentator on nearby daily paper the Dorset Echo’s website, Mrs James took to her Facebook page – which could be seen by anybody – close to midnight one evening last week.
Calling her informer ‘narrow minded’, she posted: ‘If you have a remark be a man or, on the other hand a more courageous lady what’s more, talk to me confront to face, in the event that not close the **** up. 
‘You are boring, impolite what’s more, nasty. What’s more, indeed I swore, whoppy do.’
Fellow councilors censured Mrs James’ brilliant language.
Labour pioneer on the board Mike Byatt said: ‘Councillors have to be mindful that we speak to the public. At the point when you post things on the internet, it’s there for all to see what’s more, I think it is critical that councilors ensure their open image.’
Ukip councilor Francis Drake said: ‘She shouldn’t be utilizing dialect like that. The leader is the number one individual in the town. I wouldn’t be saying that as mayor.’
Since the spat went open a disobedient Mrs James has taken to Facebook once more to guard her position.
She wrote: ‘Yes I swore, indeed I am the mayor. I’m human, I’m not consummate what’s more, I make mistakes. Get a life, stop bothering me, stop judging me.’ It is not the to begin with time Mrs James has pulled in controversy. Five a long time prior she conceded beating up her Moderate spouse of 19 a long time after she suspected him of having an undertaking with a board colleague.
The court heard the leader was ‘screaming like a banshee’ at the point when she assaulted councilor Ian James at the home of his sweetheart Alison Cocks – a previous mayor.
But Mrs James – who was given an 18-month restrictive release – declined to leave her position as a councilor in spite of across the board calls.

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