EXCLUSIVE: ‘He told me I was the most beautiful girl in the world and wanted to marry me’: Teen girl, 18, reveals how ‘creepy hipster terrorist’ tried to seduce her

A youthful mother has uncovered how the man named ‘hipster terrorist’ creeped her out by attempting to talk her up at a bug advertise at the point when she was 18.
The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said Iraqi-born Palestinian Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, 23, drawn closer her at the Denios Bug Showcase in Roseville, California, in 2014 what’s more, said he needed to wed her.
Al-Jayab, who came to the US as a displaced person in 2012, was captured Thursday in Sacramento on the government charge of making a false articulation including worldwide terrorism.
A year after settling in Sacramento he is charged to have flown to Turkey what’s more, at that point on to Syria some time recently posting on social media that he was battling with different fear monger organizations, counting Ansar al-Islam (later to move toward becoming ISIS) in Syria. 
When he returned to the US he professedly told US Citizenship what’s more, Migration Administrations that he had voyage to Turkey to visit his grandmother.
The woman, presently hitched with a child, said: ‘I saw him at a nearby insect showcase I was there mind (sic) my companions an he kept gazing at me. 
‘He would come to where I was at I think he was offering carpets cause he was continuously pushing a truck of rugs. 
‘He told me that I was the most wonderful young lady in the world what’s more, he needed to wed me. 
‘He got my telephone number from a companion what’s more, he texted me he didn’t talk much english.
‘I thought he was frightening since he said he needed to wed me right at the point when he saw me.’
She says he went on to content her what’s more, Facebook her.
Federal authorities say the Al-Jayab was living a twofold life – one as a evacuee beginning a new life in America what’s more, another as a youthful man restless to return to the Center East to battle in the Syrian Common War.
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He was named ‘Hipster terrorist’ after his Facebook pictures appeared him posturing with a full hipster-style facial hair what’s more, wearing Ray-Ban shades what’s more, a wool shirt. 
In a 20-page sworn statement the FBI claims that as before long as Al-Jayab arrived in the Joined together States in 2012, he started saying he needed to return to Syria to ‘work,’ which the FBI says is accepted to be a reference ‘to helping in what’s more, supporting brutal jihad’.
It says it shows up he needed to help the ‘Front,’ which the FBI says was ‘likely a reference to al Nusrah Front,’ considered a fear monger association partnered with Al Qaeda in Iraq.
Authorities said he battled with different fear monger organizations, counting Ansar al-Islam, which in 2014 consolidated with the Islamic State of Iraq what’s more, the Levant after Al-Jayab had returned to the US.
In another message, Al-Jayab depicts to begin with joining the battling in no time after he turned 16. 
Al-Jayab returned to the Joined together States in January 2014 what’s more, lived in Sacramento. He has been a PC science major at a Sacramento group school since last fall.   

If convicted, Al-Jayab faces a most extreme statutory punishment of eight a long time in jail what’s more, a $250,000 fine. 
Federal experts say he moreover empowered a Texas man to join the common war against the Syrian government what’s more, guaranteed to educate him how to fight.
He purportedly guaranteed to prepare 24-year-old Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan of Houston how to utilize weapons what’s more, prompted him on how he would be doled out to battle once he arrived in Syria.
‘O God, concede us affliction for your purpose while locked in in battling what’s more, not retreating; a affliction that would make you fulfilled with us,’ Al-Jayab composed to Al Hardan, concurring to court documents. 
The two men’s social media interchanges given the interface that driven to their terrorism-related charges, it has been revealed.
Al Hardan, an Iraqi-born Palestinian has since been held without bond on charges of attempting to give bolster to the Islamic State group. He faces up to 25 a long time in prison. 
He told the judge he lives in a Houston-area apartment, is hitched what’s more, has a child.
Saeed Faraj Saeed Al Hardan said his sibling told him Friday in a phone call from the Government Detainment Focus in Houston that he is pure of the charges he faces.
Saeed said their family had continuously felt that ‘ISIS is no good’ what’s more, ‘ISIS is not Muslim’ what’s more, that his sibling was looking forward to getting to be a US citizen.
He said he never heard Al Hardan express bolster for the group.
Authorities say there was no sign either man, who are both Palestinians conceived in Iraq, was arranging assaults in the Joined together States 
Since Al-Jayab’s arrest, three of his relatives in Wisconsin have too been taken into custody. 
Al-Jayab’s brother, Samer Mohammed Al Jayab, is being sent back to Wisconsin to confront irrelevant charges that he planned to transport stolen cell telephones what’s more, PCs over state lines.
He was captured in California while going to Al-Jayab what’s more, was discharged on $25,000 bond Friday.
Two other relatives, Younis Mohammed Al Jayab what’s more, Ahmad Waleed Mahmood, showed up in government court in Wisconsin on Friday.
They too were requested discharged without money bond.
Prosecutors in Wisconsin say the three purchased iPhones, a tablet what’s more, a Television that they accepted to be stolen from Chicago what’s more, transported to Milwaukee

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