Care home worker stole more than 11,000 from 100-year-old woman in shocking act of ‘treachery’

Additional items begun with breakfast at 8.15am what’s more, were not nourished once more until 5pm
They got £36.42 per day (£2.80 what’s more, hour) be that as it may last straw was at the point when they were told their extra time would be £4 an hour

By Andrew Drummond for MailOnline
Published: 23:13 BST, 16 June 2012 | Updated: 16:48 BST, 17 June 2012
The detainees of war were at breaking point. All day long they had been kept at a Thai railroad marshaling yard in the tropical heat, secured in grime, soaked in sweat, goaded what’s more, pushed by  Japanese watches yelling from the tops of cows trucks that the detainees were anticipated to board.
The wagons were there to transport them to the notorious Demise Railroad running from Thailand to Burma – yet the detainees couldn’t take any more.
The Mail on Sunday has been told that, overlooking yells of ‘Wait’ what’s more, ‘Hold on’, they strolled off… the film set.
Extras standing along the prepare lines at the Bangsue prepare yard in Bangkok, Thailand on the set of The Railroad Man. They ultmately declined to do extra time what’s more, cleared out the group with a few, principally Iranian additional items posturing as European POW’s
Jeremy Irvine, left, what’s more, Colin Firth, right, posture on set in front of a steam prepare at Hualamphong prepare station in Bangkok, Thailand. Both performing artists play previous POW Eric Lomax at extraordinary stages in his life
Stars from The Railroad Man Jeremy Irvine, second left, with Colin Firth, second right, what’s more, Tanroh Ishida, far cleared out what’s more, Hiroyuki Sonada posture in front of a steam prepare at Hualamphong prepare station, Bangkok
It was the last day of shooting on The Railroad Man, a film featuring Oscar-winners Colin Firth what’s more, Nicole Kidman.

Based on the book of the same name by English war veteran Eric Lomax, it is an account of how he came to terms with his treatment by Japanese torturers in Thailand 70 a long time ago.
And just as it had influenced the genuine Second World War detainees on the Burma-Siam railroad – too the subject of David Lean’s 1957 Oscar-winner The Connect On The Waterway Kwai – The Mail on Sunday has been told that the tropical heat, need of sustenance what’s more, steady orders were as well much for numerous of the 100 additional items playing English casualties of Japanese severity on set in Bangkok.
It’s said most just strolled off, clearing out as it were 17 Iranians what’s more, a modest bunch of explorers to wrap up shooting in the Bangkok darkness.

Nicole Kidman what’s more, Colin To begin with film scenes on the set of their new film in Fife, Scotland
The mutinous additional items grumbled that numerous of them begun work at 8.15am, having been given a small, icy dish of bubbled rice with a tiny serving of chicken curry at breakfast.

They were not sustained once more until 5pm, at the point when they were advertised the same meal. On a few days, they begun at 6.30am.
They got 1,800 Thai baht for a 13-hour day (£36.42 per day or, on the other hand £2.80 an hour), which the film-makers say is the going rate in Thailand.

The last straw came with an declaration by German creation director Ralf Eisenmann that extra time would be paid at 200 baht (£4) an hour what’s more, additional items would get just half that for transport home after midnight.
It’s said to have made numerous additional items unwilling to proceed in spite of supplications by managers.

Fortunately for the film-makers, enough additional items in English PoW garbs remained to finish the last scene.

Extras playing the Japanese monitors were as well neighborly to complain.
The film’s maker what’s more, co-writer, Andy Paterson, acknowledged a few English additional items undermined to go home, yet faulted this on agitation.

He said there were more than enough additional items willing to work the overtime.

‘The additional items came back day after day what’s more, had a incredible time,’ he said. ‘I know my preparations inside out what’s more, take incredible pride in the way we treat people.’
The Railroad Man is the story of Lomax, a Scottish officer in the Illustrious Signals who was tormented by the Japanese Kempeitai military police after being taken detainee in Singapore in 1941 what’s more, sent to work on the Demise Railway.

The motion picture is about the story of Lomax, a Scottish officer in the Illustrious Signals who was tormented by the Japanese Kempeitai military police
Colin was upbeat to posture for pictures on set with a few of the extras, who declined to do extra time since of the poor pay
Both Firth what’s more, Kidman were upbeat to posture with fans what’s more, Australian traveler Gary Gibbs what’s more, his spouse couldn’t accept their luckiness at the point when they knock into the match while on occasion in Thailand
The injury influenced him for most of his life what’s more, he was treated by a establishment for casualties of torture.

Eventually he found peace after following down the Kempeitai interpreter, Nagase Takashi, who was at all his cross examinations what’s more, beatings.

Firth plays Lomax the returning veteran, with Jeremy Irvine taking the part of more youthful Lomax. Kidman is his spouse Patti.

The so-called revolt in Bangkok is impossible to influence the way the industry treats additional items in Thailand. Film organizations come to Thailand for its shoddy work what’s more, pick up additional items to play outsiders in films by word of mouth, or, on the other hand through leafleting bars.

Tom Stanton, from Peterborough, was one of those who declined to do the overtime. He lives in Thailand, making a living through demonstrating what’s more, promoting work, which are better paid than the film industry.

He said: ‘Most individuals here win much more from other jobs. Be that as it may in the event that they’re not busy, at that point they’ll do additional work as you get to meet great individuals who you as it were see on films.’
Chris Ashford, 30, from Brighton, was one of exceptionally maybe a couple Westerners to remain on for the last scene. ‘I’m surviving on 200 baht per day so an hour’s extra time will last me a entirety day. I might indeed have a beer!’ he said.
The Railroad Man is due to be discharged next year.
Briton Andrew Chant, a independent picture taker in Bangkok, was an additional for two days. Here he depicts the conditions on set:

I have to salute the additional items on this film since the conditions were dreadful – with a standard 13-hour day in blinding tropical warm what’s more, a rate of pay I’ve not seen since summer cultivate work as a teenager.
Andrew Serenade on set in his messy uniform

On the to start with day I cleared out home at 5.45am what’s more, did not get back until after 8pm – without a possibility for a shower – what’s more, was sustained with as it were one dish of rice what’s more, pork.

Andrew Serenade as a POW in khaki what’s more, messy make-up on the shoot of The Railroad Man in Bangkok, Thailand
In the afternoon, a Thai lady who was playing a railroad station onlooker had crumpled in the  warm what’s more, was treated by  restorative staff.

It was amid one of more than 20 takes of a scene on a stage at Bangkok’s fundamental prepare station.
At the end of the day we were constrained to stand in columns what’s more, permitted to go into the evolving area, ten at a time, to gather our claim clothes.

At 8.15am the next day, I was given the same khaki uniform, unwashed from the day before. It was still splashed with sweat.

They concurred to give me a dry shirt at the point when I complained.
It must have been indeed more terrible for the ‘Japanese guards’, who were set on top of the trains for hours.

There had been thunderings all day about the conditions what’s more, pay, just 1,800 baht (£36.42).

Before my second day was due to finish, the generation group attempted to select who they required for the last take, yet nearly everyone strolled off the set.

Back at the evolving area, I had to get offer assistance from two Thais to peel the shirt off my back.
Again there were no showers so we had to put clean garments on top of soiled bodies.

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