After nearly a year of arduous training, these combat pilots have been through it all, but they haven’t lost their sense of humour.

After about a year of challenging training, these battle pilots have been through it all, yet they haven’t lost their sense of humour.
Earlier this month, 16 individuals of the 308th Warrior Squadron Emerald Knights Class 11-BBG progressed toward becoming the most up to date prepared F-16 pilots.
The pilots checked the event with a video catching their saucy identities – as they take off thousands of feet above the earth.
Up in the air: A few of the nation’s most current warrior pilots stamped their graduation with this video catching their shameless personalities
The video was put together by one of the graduates, 1st Lt Tony Sullivan, who, along with 15 other battle pilots, finished the extraordinary training.
The video takes after Lt Sullivan as he goofs off for the camera, blazing hand signals what’s more, shaking 80s-style green shades while flying.
Techno music plays as the as the warrior pilots make it look easy, flying at high speeds what’s more, performing different airborne manoeuvres.
Swan song: The 10-minute graduation video takes after 1st Lt Tony Sullivan as he goofs off for the camera, blazing hand signals what’s more, weaving his head to the music
Bird in the sky: Lt Sullivan signals to one of his companions some time recently taking a turn in his F-16
Part of the preparing included a full-scale work out where the youthful pilots were charged with obliterating targets in the confront of unfriendly air what’s more, ground fire, agreeing to

Despite graduating, their work is not however done, as most will not enter an extra round of mission capability training.
Soon, the pilots will be dispatched to zones like Afghanistan to fly battle missions.
Proud day: The pilots posture in arrangement in their graduation photo
Badge: The 308th Squadron is too known as the Emerald Knights, who experience nine months of preparing to fly F-16s
Watch video here

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