Beauties in the Big Apple! Miss America contestants take over Manhattan on the road to Atlantic City with stops at Times Square and Junior’s restaurant

All 52 hopefuls competing for the crown of Miss America this year made the most of their day in New York city Tuesday, going by Times Square, riding a double-decker visit transport what’s more, halting by the Great Morning America set to share excellence secrets.
Reigning Miss America 2015  – a local New Yorker – Kira Kazantsev joined the contenders on the street to Atlantic City, where they will meet the open Tuesday night in the yearly welcome ceremony. 
The victor of the expo will be delegated September 13 amid a broadcast service that will be circulated on ABC.  

Before taking focus organize at Promenade Corridor in Atlantic City, the finished youthful ladies from all 50 states, Washington DC what’s more, Puerto Rico will spend two weeks rehearsing, getting ready what’s more, doing interviews. 
Preliminary rounds of the challenge will be held September 8-10 to select the top 15 contenders who will at that point strive for the title of Miss America 2016. 
But on Tuesday, it was all about great exposure – what’s more, fun. 
Dressed in splendidly shaded mixed drink dresses what’s more, high-heel shoes, with shining crowns finishing their ensembles, the women of the Miss America expo took in the sights, with Ms Kazantsev acting as a visit guide, what’s more, dropped by the studios of Inside Version for a chat. 
Their occupied schedule moreover included a pit stop at the world-famous Junior’s eatery – the home of seemingly the best cheesecake in the city. 
Each challenger has her claim exceptional story to share with America.  

Miss Oklahoma Georgia Frazier knows the distinction between a curveball what’s more, a slider — what’s more, can toss either one for strikes.
‘It’s all about how you hold it,’ she said.
She learned to pitch from her father, George Frazier, who was with the Yankees in 1981 at the point when he solidified a put in baseball history by getting to be the as it were pitcher to lose three diversions in a best-of-seven World Series. The senior Frazier painted a box on a back divider of their house, what’s more, she what’s more, her three siblings would have to toss 30 strikes some time recently they could go in what’s more, eat dinner, she reviewed with a laugh.
‘I developed up as George Frazier’s daughter,’ she said. ‘Now he’s Miss Oklahoma’s father.’
Now 23, Georgia Frazier learned she had the early stages of cervical growth at the point when she was 19. Finding it that early spared her life, what’s more, her stage is women’s health, focusing yearly checkups. 

As a youngster who was frequently sick, Miss Mississippi Hannah Roberts spent bounty of time in doctors’ offices. She trusts to work in one herself: She’s entering medicinal school next year.
Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson as of now is a enlisted nurture whose dream is to meet talk appear have Ellen DeGeneres.
The most youthful contestant, 17-year-old Clark Janell Davis, is Miss Kentucky, what’s more, one day trusts to win the title of Madam President, as in the president of the Joined together States.
Haely Jardas, Miss Locale of Columbia, needs to be correspondences executive for the Kennedy Focus in Washington.
And move over “Miss Congeniality” star Sandra Bullock: Miss Virginia Savannah Path needs to be an FBI operator what’s more, eventually, a U.S. Congresswoman. 

Miss Rhode Island, Alexandra Curtis, was a focused chicken wing eating champion in college. She can devour 2 pounds of wings in 10 minutes.
‘You just kind of go in for the kill,’ she said. ‘There were times I felt like my life was blazing some time recently my eyes, yet I just fueled through it, which is how I approach most challenges or, on the other hand troublesome situations.’
Miss Arizona Madi Esteves, records her top pick sustenance as Burger Ruler chicken fries.
Miss Alabama Meg McGuffin is incomplete to filet mignon. Developing up as a dancer, she saw she was curvier than the other young ladies in class, what’s more, abhorred her body. Her stage is advancing a positive body image, called ‘healthy is the new skinny.’
Esteves, Miss Arizona, was 6 at the point when her mother gave birth to a stillborn infant young lady who had Down syndrome. Her stage is enabling people with disabilities.

As a teenager, Miss Iowa Taylor Wiebers shaved her head to raise cash for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s pediatric growth examine after meeting an 8-year-old kid with disease who moved toward becoming a great friend. She trusts to found what’s more, work a not-for-profit establishment for families of pediatric tumor patients.
When she was 16, Miss Illinois Precious stone Davis was included in a diverted driving accident. Her stage is ‘crystal clear driving — eyes on the street ahead.’
Miss North Carolina Kate Peacock survived three pediatric eye diseases, what’s more, Miss Utah Krissa Beatty was conceived with spina bifida occulta, what’s more, was told she would never walk. Not as it were can she walk, she swims, hikes, plays b-ball what’s more, works out at the gym.
Miss Wisconsin Rosalie Smith’s stage was enlivened by the passing of her sibling two a long time back from an liquor overdose.

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