All it might have taken was an apology and a bouquet of flowers. Instead, Arnaud Bamberger, the head of Cartier UK, forgot to reply to two letters of complaint, one from actress Jane Birkin and a second from her best friend, photographer Gabrielle C

All it might have taken was an conciliatory sentiment what’s more, a bundle of flowers. Instead, Arnaud Bamberger, the head of Cartier UK, overlooked to answer to two letters of complaint, one from on-screen character Jane Birkin what’s more, a second from her  best friend, picture taker Gabrielle Crawford.
The result? An continuous four-year legitimate fight by Gabrielle against the adornments organization that she blames of manhandling what’s more, abusing her 43-year fellowship with Jane.
The two ladies have been best buddies since 1968 at the point when Gabrielle was hitched to on-screen character Michael Crawford what’s more, Jane to Bond film author John Barry.

Gabrielle — a companion of John Lennon what’s more, whose photos incorporate famous representations of Diana Ross what’s more, Noblewoman Thatcher — says Cartier drawn closer her  in 2007.

The diamond setter needed to support an show of her photographs in Japan. Would she be intrigued in going what’s more, would Jane Birkin like to go with her?

Later Cartier inquired in the event that Jane, best recalled for Je T’Aime, the suggestive number with her darling Serge Gainsbourg, would sing at a philanthropy occasion in Tokyo at the same time, yet at a unique venue.

‘Jane agreed, yet as it were as a support to me. She would never have gone to Japan otherwise, let alone sing,’ says Gabrielle. As it turned out, while the philanthropy occasion was a success, Gabrielle’s show cleared out her out of stash what’s more, irate after Cartier utilized its name on one of her photos to publicise the other occasion without her permission.

‘They fizzled to publicise my display what’s more, I figured it out they  had as it were drawn nearer me to  get Jane for this other shindig,’ says Gabrielle.

‘They utilized me since of my closeness to Jane what’s more, I was innocent enough not to realise. We were both irate what’s more, I am taking them to court in France where Jane lives.

‘She is supporting my guarantee for rupture of copyright.’

Cartier says it doesn’t wish to comment, be that as it may following my call, Arnaud has since composed to Gabrielle to welcome her to lunch.

‘Bit late for lunch now, I’m afraid,’ she tells me.

Since Lembit Opik’s stand-up schedule is not almost as funny as his execution as an MP, it was as it were a matter of time some time recently he dumped his new career.

The previous Shameless Girl’s arm sweet made his satire make a big appearance a year prior in the West End what’s more, conveyed on regardless, in spite of a drubbing from reviewers, with a sad gig at last year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Now he is attempting to arrive the London mayoral selection for the Lib Dems what’s more, says: ‘The thought of speaking to London is not a chuckling matter — although, to be fair, not one or the other was my stand-up.’
Popular: Emily
The late Auberon Waugh once commented that at the point when he saw commentator Anna Portage on Television he felt an urge  to lift the set what’s more, kiss her image.
It’s a assumption shared by numerous male watchers at the point when fragrant Emily Maitlis presents BBC2’s lead current undertakings appear Newsnight.
But recently it developed that seeing figures have slumped. A few versions battle to accomplish 200,000 viewers, activating talk that one of the four standard moderators may go.
Veteran Jeremy Paxman is unassailable as he is by far the most mainstream of the quartet.
Emily what’s more, her short skirts make similarly great viewing.
Despite 56-year-old Kirsty Wark’s irritatingly slurred diction, the Scots-based moderator is moreover thought to be safe.

‘Until recently, it was accepted Kirsty would get the chop, be that as it may after the inconvenience the Beeb has had since of its shedding of female moderators over 50, she is anticipated to stay,’ says my BBC source.
So, the likeliest hopeful for re-deployment is Gavin Esler. He as a rule presents on Thursdays at the point when seeing figures are least since the appear conflicts with Question Time on BBC1.
‘The cash is on Gavin going,’ I am told. ‘Emily is famous what’s more, watchers incline toward the locate of her legs to Esler’s.’

As vendors pick over the bones of the von Essen inn chain, which crumpled with obligations of almost £300?million, its showy organizer Andrew Davis was to be found in bullish state of mind as he appreciated a champagne lunch civility of Cartier at the Earl of March’s Celebration of Speed at Goodwood yesterday.

‘Things might look grim, be that as it may I’ve got at slightest two things up my sleeve,’ says Davis, whose previous domain included Cliveden what’s more, the Illustrious Sickle Hotel, Bath.

He’s been denounced of over- assessing the resources of his organization what’s more, faces conceivable legitimate action.

But as he celebrated with Viscount Linley, JCB head honcho Sir Anthony Bamford what’s more, Serpentine Display executive Julia Peyton-Jones, he tells me with typical bravado: ‘I will be like a phoenix what’s more, rise again.

‘These things happen in business. It ain’t over until it’s over. I don’t go down that easily.’ 

Worse still, he adds: ‘The Duchess of York is still my friend.’
Separate lives: Princess Caroline of Hanover
While South African excellence Charlene Wittstock, 33, did, in the end, turn up — opposite to hot hypothesis — for her wedding in Monte Carlo over the end of the week to Ruler Albert of Monaco, there was one remarkable absentee.

Albert’s brilliant brother-in-law, pugilistic Ruler Ernst of Hanover, 57, picked not to take his put alongside his spouse of 12 years, thrice-married Princess Caroline, 54, who is beneficiary possible to the Monaco throne.

Instead, Caroline was joined by her youngsters Andrea, 27, Charlotte, 24, Pierre, 23, what’s more, her girl by Ernst, Princess Alexandra, 11.

It’s thought the couple have come to an understanding that permits them to lead independent lives while remaining married.

A separate was anticipated after Ernst, a relative of Ruler Victoria, was imagined kissing a lady in Thailand at Christmas two a long time prior while Caroline spent the merry season with her youngsters at a Swiss resort.

Certainly, he hasn’t been seen openly with her since.

She is hitched to one of the wealthiest men in England — her father-in-law sold Asprey’s for £243.5?million — so Lucy Asprey scarcely needs to work.

But presently her three youngsters are at school, she is to be found at her spouse William Asprey’s gunsmith what’s more, gems shop.

‘I’d be exhausted at home, so I chosen to go back to work two days a week serving in William’s shop,’ she tells me at the opening of another Mayfair emporium, Hublot, the watchmaker.

However, working indeed in one of the most selective stores is not continuously easy.

‘The other day somebody came in what’s more, was Or maybe unpleasant. Of course, they didn’t know who I was. Yet blending with unique sorts of individuals is the fun of working,’ she trills.

P.S. On the off chance that fans taken note that moderator Sue Barker looked unique amid Wimbledon, it may be down to her make-up. Sue, 54, has lost her customary make-up artist. The master who slapped on Sue’s establishment for A Question Of Don what’s more, different remote side trips for about a decade has stuffed her mascara trowel what’s more, no one is very beyond any doubt why.

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