Why are they deporting my sick daughter? Royal Navy sailor who risked his life for Britain is told child, 13, cannot be treated on NHS for bone cancer

Amid his 12-year Illustrious Naval force career, he has watched war zones what’s more, safeguarded suffocating migrants.
But at the point when Roamel Crichton’s young little girl frantically required offer assistance in her battle against cancer, authorities reacted by getting ready to extradite her.
Dedra Crichton, 13, who lives on the Caribbean island of St Vincent where her father was born, needs crisis surgery what’s more, chemotherapy after being analyzed with bone tumor last month.
After nearby specialists told her father to look for ‘urgent’ treatment abroad since they needed the resources, Unimportant Officer Crichton hurried her back to the UK where he lives as a English national after moving here in 2003 to join the Navy.
But in spite of at first being guaranteed by doctors that they would offer assistance Dedra, her arranged surgery was suddenly wiped out what’s more, authorities said she would instead be sent home as before long as conceivable since they had found she was not entitled to NHS treatment.
Dedra was booked on a flight home yesterday, yet it was put off at the last minute since the specialists could not find anybody to travel with her. Her father has been told she will be extradited in the next 24 hours.
Mr Crichton, who lives in Portsmouth, said: ‘I’ve put my life on the line for this nation for a long time what’s more, they couldn’t offer assistance my girl who is battling for her life.
‘I’m terrified that she won’t make it through the flight. She’s extremely scared. She is in steady torment what’s more, spends the night shouting in anguish in the ward.
‘I don’t understand. She is my subordinate what’s more, I’m a English citizen. Numerous individuals swindle the framework to be here, yet I have continuously been totally honest. It feels like the cost of my trustworthiness is to confront possibly losing my girl for ever.’
Mr Crichton, 36, was serving on HMS Bulwark, making a difference to save vagrants crossing the Mediterranean, at the point when he learnt that his little girl was genuinely ill.
NHS boss as of late propelled a crackdown on wellbeing tourism which costs citizens up to £2 billion a year.
The Office of Wellbeing told healing facilities in April that they had a ‘legal obligation’ to guarantee they recognized anybody not entitled to free treatment in the midst of concerns the framework was being abused.
Trusts which fall flat to charge so-called wellbeing visitors can be hit with budgetary punishments worth thousands of pounds depending on the costs of their care.
Visitors to the UK, counting those remaining with family who are occupants what’s more, citizens, travelers what’s more, individuals here on business, are implied to be charged for any NHS procedures.
A infamous case of wellbeing tourism was Nigerian Bimbo Ayelabola, who flew to England while pregnant with quintuplets what’s more, had £200,000 worth of NHS care.
He was allowed crisis take off to return to St Vincent where Dedra is looked after by her maternal grandparents. At the point when Mr Crichton arrived, he was told Dedra was in ‘urgent need’ of chemotherapy what’s more, surgery not accessible in St Vincent.
The match flew into Gatwick last Wednesday, yet Dedra was halted by movement authorities who took her identification what’s more, said she would have to return to the island inside a week since she was not a English citizen.
Mr Crichton took Dedra to the Illustrious Free Healing center in Hampstead, North London, where he said doctors were ‘immediately alarmed’ by her condition. They booked her in for surgery the following morning.
He said: ‘The to begin with specialists we saw were incredible what’s more, told her “we’re going to look after you what’s more, make beyond any doubt you walk out of here”.
‘But at that point authorities begun exploring what’s more, we were told she’s not English what’s more, may not qualify for NHS treatment.’
Mr Crichton was told on Monday that Dedra would be flown back to St Vincent at the to start with opportunity.
A representative for the Illustrious Free Healing center said: ‘We can affirm that our clinical group has been talking about the arrangement of [Dedra’s] future mind with other pro hospitals. The Illustrious Free Healing facility does not give children’s growth care.’
The Home Office said: ‘We do not remark on person cases.’

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