Pampered pooch! Adorable moment a dog relaxes as his owner gives him a full body massage

An charming canine appreciated a unwinding rub by his owner.
The two-year-old male puppy was lying on his back as his proprietor begun rubbing his head. 
In the video posted to YouTube, the dog’s proprietor rubbed the canine on his brow what’s more, at that point down his cheeks.
The video, which was taken in Bangkok, Thailand, appeared the man at that point rubbing his hairy friend’s shoulders. 
He at that point set the palm of his hands together what’s more, tapped the dog’s brow range down to the tip of his nose. 
The puppy proceeded to lie on his back undisturbed as the man rubbed his lower arm what’s more, elbow area. 
After rubbing the dog’s underarms, he went back to the brow what’s more, shoulders, which he rubbed in a roundabout motion. 
And to the dog’s surprise, his proprietor smoothed his ears on his lap what’s more, tapped them for a couple of seconds some time recently proceeding to rub his face. 
The video finished with the man measuring his hands, setting one on top of the other what’s more, beating gently on the dog’s forehead, as a lady giggled in the background. 
A subtitle under the video said the pooch ‘loves to be loose  by massage’. 


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