Girl, 14, who ‘killed mom with soldier boyfriend, 20, by text’ must stay in adult jail until trial

An eight-grade young lady denounced of plotting with her warrior sweetheart by content message to have her mother slaughtered must remain in grown-up imprison while anticipating trial, a judge.  

A barrier request to return 14-year-old Jamie Silvonek to the adolescent office where she was at first sent after the body of 54-year-old Cheryl Silvonek was found last month was denied by Lehigh Province Judge Maria Dantos on Friday.
District Lawyer Jim Martin had restricted the appeal on sake of the teenager, who is charged as an grown-up with murder what’s more, criminal conspiracy. 
Her boyfriend, Caleb Barnes, 20, who is from El Paso, Texas, yet was positioned at Stronghold Meade, Maryland, is charged with homicide.
Cheryl Silvonek’s body was found with wound wounds in a shallow grave about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia, what’s more, her vehicle mostly submerged in a lake a maybe a couple miles from the family home.  

Jamie Silvonek was sent to the region imprison this month after she was charged as an grown-up what’s more, is in the women’s lodging unit, away from more established inmates, province authorities said.
Authorities said Barnes what’s more, the adolescent met in October, at the point when she was 13, yet she told him she was 17. 
Records appear the 14-year-old was disturb that her mother had appeared her sweetheart her identification as verification that Silvonek was not 17. 
The teen’s mother found out about their relationship in early Walk what’s more, requested them to end it. A day later, the youngster told Barnes in a content message, ‘I need her gone,’ police said.
On Walk 14, Cheryl Silvonek learned that Barnes proposed to take her girl to a show in Scranton.
‘He is not coming to this house,’ Cheryl Silvonek texted to her daughter, who had taken the SAT school entrance exam that morning, concurring to a police affidavit.
The eighth-grader sent her mother a content in reaction asking her to let them go.
‘Mom, in the event that I can’t go I’m going to have a mental breakdown,’ she said, concurring to the affidavit. ‘I require to go what’s more, I require to be with my friends. I feel so destroy mother.’ 
Cheryl Silvonek concurred to drive her little girl what’s more, Barnes to the show. On their way, the adolescent what’s more, her sweetheart proceeded trading messages.
‘I cherish you. We can do this. We’ll just drive her auto then, right?’ Jamie wrote, the sworn statement said.
Barnes answered in a text, ‘No. That clears out us as the suspects.’
The three drove back to the Silvonek home after the show, what’s more, Barnes purportedly wounded Cheryl Silvonek. The couple at that point ate at a eatery what’s more, went to Walmart to purchase gloves, dye what’s more, other cleaning supplies, specialists said.
Police found the body in a shallow grave a maybe a couple miles from the Silvonek home. The victim’s blood-soaked auto was found submerged in a lake nearby.
Investigators were capable to follow the auto back to the Silvonek home. At the point when they arrived, they found Barnes, the young lady what’s more, Silvonek’s husband, David.
The young lady what’s more, Barnes were in an upstairs room what’s more, the father was still asleep, CBS 13 reported.
Barnes was beforehand charged with criminal homicide, manhandle of a cadaver what’s more, statutory sexual assault.
There is confirm he had sex with the young lady without further ado some time recently the killing, concurring to police.
The 14-year-old was charged prior with mishandle of a corpse, altering with confirm what’s more, preventing apprehension.  

Barnes admitted to cutting Cheryl Silvonek in the neck various times while they were in Silvonek’s car, what’s more, Jamie Silvonek conceded she was there at the point when he did it what’s more, made a difference arrange of the body, agreeing to an testimony of likely cause.
The teen’s attorney, John Waldron, said Thursday he accepts his customer was under Barnes’ control, what’s more, that given the age dissimilarity ‘there has to be a few sort of pressure or, on the other hand coercion’.
He said his customer ‘cried ceaselessly what’s more, told me how much she missed her mom’ what’s more, she dreaded for her life what’s more, that of her father. 
Waldron said he plans to have Jamie Silvonek analyzed by a legal analyst what’s more, will request to have the case moved to adolescent court.

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