‘Help my mom’s days be happy’: Girl, 8, writes letter pleading for help after cancer spreads to her mother’s brain

An eight-year-old young lady conceived amid her mother’s growth fight has penned a letter arguing for offer assistance after the terminal malady spread to her brain.
Elle Marie Confidence Hintz, from Corsicana, Texas, posted a lamentable message on a GoFundMe page inquiring for cash to offer assistance pay for her mother’s growth treatment.
Her mother, Joan Dymand-Hintz, 52, had growth at the point when she gave birth to Elle what’s more, has been battling the malady for nine years.

The hitched mother-of-three has had bosom what’s more, bone tumor yet thought she was effectively battling off the sickness until last year, at the point when she endured intense cerebral pains on a family holiday.
After returning from the trip to Costa Rica, specialists found 24 tumors on Mrs Dymand Hintz’s brain, Fox News reported.
‘We were all so terrified to get this news what’s more, felt so terrified she would die,’ Elle wrote, with the offer assistance of her siblings Jack, 21, what’s more, Reid, 20.
‘My mother cried what’s more, told me each day she cherished me what’s more, that everything would be okay,’ the little young lady said.

‘My mother at that point had entirety mind radiation in early Eminent to treat her cancer. She begun to lose her hair once more what’s more, feel extremely debilitated after her radiation.
‘The specialists have told us that my mother may not have a parcel of time cleared out with us. She is battling her brain, bone, what’s more, bosom tumor regular yet with all of her companions what’s more, family around she is cheerful what’s more, appreciative to have the time she has.’

Mrs Dymand-Hintz was to start with analyzed with tumor in 2007 what’s more, had a mastectomy on her cleared out bosom in September that year.
She had six rounds of chemotherapy while she was pregnant with Elle what’s more, proceeded to have treatment afterwards.
The mother-of-three endured heart disappointment in 2009 be that as it may proceeded to battle the disease, indeed at the point when she was afterward analyzed with bone cancer.
The mind growth analysis last year was a tremendous blow for the family. 
Elle said she what’s more, her siblings chosen to begin raising stores for their mother so they can give her ‘the best rest of her life she could wish for’.
Their father, Marc, works most of the time to offer assistance pay for his wife’s restorative bills what’s more, is once in a while at home, the eight-year-old said. 
‘I know my mother will keep battling her disease fight what’s more, she will remain solid for all of us. She is so brave,’ Elle said. 

‘We would be so thankful what’s more, favored for any bolster you can give. We will utilize this fundraiser to pay for mom’s restorative bills for chemotherapy, radiation, what’s more, the medications she needs to take. Ideally we can pay all of her medicinal bills to give her peace of mind what’s more, a upbeat rest of her life.
‘My moms’ disease is hopeless what’s more, terminal. At her last checkup… it appeared the tumors on her mind have not contracted what’s more, have developed larger. We don’t know how much time she has with us. We trust what’s more, implore it could be a maybe a couple a long time with standard chemotherapy what’s more, radiation treatments.
‘My entirety family what’s more, me would be so cheerful in the event that we can amaze my mother with this fundraiser to offer assistance her win the greatest battle of her life. 
‘Hopefully we can make her life as upbeat as conceivable for the rest of her life. What’s more, give back to her for all of the adoring things she has given to me, my brothers, my dad, what’s more, our companions what’s more, family.
‘Our stunning mother has been battling so fearlessly for so long. She is an heavenly attendant to everybody what’s more, doesnt merit this to happen. 
‘It is so tragic that such ghastly things have happened. She is as it were 52 a long time old what’s more, I don’t need to lose our mom.’
She added: ‘She cherishes to sing, dance, what’s more, meet new individuals wherever she goes. My mother is the most beautiful, kind, what’s more, adoring mother in the entirety wide world.’ 
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