‘It actually comes right off!’ Shocking moment holidaying security expert spots a cash machine skimmer on an ATM in Vienna – and rips it off with his bare hands

An mind boggling video has risen appearing an unlawful money machine skimmer being found by a security master while on occasion in Vienna.
American security specialist Benjamin Tedesco found the dodgy gadget appended to a money machine outside St. Stephen’s House of god in the Austrian capital.
The stunning video has been seen more than 100,000 times since it was transferred to YouTube last week.
The security master said: ‘While on get-away with my family in Vienna, Austria, I went to snatch a few money from an ATM. 
‘Being security paranoid, I rehashed my typical propensity of checking the card peruser with my hand as I have 100s of times… today’s the day at the point when my security mindfulness paid off’. 
‘In expansion to the attractive strip reader, it has a battery (the expansive silver protest on the right) a few sort of switch (the little silver protest in the center with the little dark tab staying out of it) what’s more, of course the control board with the 4 stick connector (the expansive green board to the left).’ 
He added: ‘I have since told the Vienna Police Division with respect to this discovery’.
The video begins with Mr Tedesco appearing the money machine what’s more, its position close to the cathedral.
He at that point focuses to a little sum of stick encompassing the card section point on the machine.
With one little pull the security whizz pulls the almost-identical skimmer straight off the machine.
Mr Tedesco at that point cautions another ATM client about the potential dangers of the machines.
On social media Gomez Perez said: ‘You’re amazing for uncovering that’. 
1. Look around the machine for any covered up cameras.
2. Look out for counterfeit overlay on the keypad.
3. Look over the whole machine for parts that do not coordinate in styling, shading or, on the other hand material.
4. Attempt to shake the card reader. In the event that it moves, so ought to you — to another ATM.
5. Cover your hands at the point when you enter your PIN.
Source: tomsguide.com

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