That sinking feeling: Owner takes 13-tonne Soviet-era amphibious vehicle for a test-run – only to find it was happier on land than sea

An uncommon Soviet-period land and/or water capable truck sank to the base of a boatyard when its proprietor took the fifty-year-old vehicle for a trial in the wake of getting it for £20,000.

The OT64, which was made in Czechoslovakia and Poland in the 1960s, sprang a hole after proprietor Richard Moore took it out in Fox’s Boatyard in Spring, Cambridgeshire, interestingly.

He needed to safeguard when it began going up against water, however later utilized buoyancy packs to revive the Cool War-period military vehicle from the bed of the boatyard, simply off the Waterway Nene.

Furthermore, Mr Moore, 51, trusts that strong 13-ton troop transporter – intended to shield fighters from slugs, shrapnel and high explosives, working between – 50 and +50 degree temperatures – won’t be too seriously harmed.

‘It’s not the apocalypse, fortunately I don’t think there will be excessively harm. I murdered the motor earlier and ransomed. It doesn’t have calfskin seats or anything like that so ideally after a decent clean it will be fine,’ said the father-of-two.

Mr Moore operates a master firm which imports and fares military equipment, Russian Military, and says he wants to hold tight to the vehicle since he anticipates that Brexit will make exchanging more troublesome.

He added: ‘I think I may hold tight to this one and keep it in my collection. The Brexit vote will make exchanging these sorts of things with EU part states and previous Soviet-coalition nations somewhat of a calculated bad dream.

‘Right now the business is administered by Mandate 43 which allows this kind of exchanging between EU part states, it implies I can simply go gather them and convey them to the UK as long as I have a bringing in permit yet that will be considerably harder after Brexit.’

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