Argentinian tennis player Juan Martin del Potro gets stuck in an elevator before his opening match in Rio – and has to be rescued by his country’s handball team

Argentinian tennis player Juan Martin del Potro burned through 40 minutes stuck in a lift in the Competitors’ Town at the beginning of today – until the point when he was at long last safeguarded by handball group The Warriors.

Del Potro, who beat Roger Federer to win the 2009 US Open however dropped to a rank of 145 in the wake of engaging wounds, is because of play World No1 Novac Djokovic later today.

In any case, as though that draw wasn’t misfortune enough, when the player took the lift from his space to plan for his match, an influence slice conveyed it to an end mostly down.

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With no cell phone flag, the tennis pro hollered for help, and his cries were in the long run heard by the individuals from the Argentinian handball group, nicknamed The Warriors.

It is trusted the handball players constrained the lift entryway open and helped the six-foot, six-inch player out.

Potro’s operator, Jorge Viale, tweeted a photograph of the hapless player turning bolstered upward inside the lift, with the words: ‘This is the manner by which Delpo began the day: caught in a lift at the Olympic town for 40 minutes.’

He proceeded with: ‘He was saved by individuals from the Arg handball group.’

Warriors colleague Fede Pizarro later posted a photograph of the tennis player following his sensational safeguard.

Pizarro included: ‘The power went and somebody got caught. We Combatants came to spare him.’

Del Potro isn’t the special case who’s endured misfortune at the Competitors’ Town.

On Tuesday Australian b-ball player Andrew Bogut tweeted pictures of himself fabricating his own shower window ornament out of a sheet and snares, to abstain from getting water everywhere on his suite’s lavatory.

What’s more, the next day the Chinese b-ball group griped of various incomplete elements, including can seats that must be taped down and a bed outline with free screws.

On Friday Australian tennis star Sam Stosur protested that her shower was ‘stone chilly without fail’ she attempted to utilize it.

What’s more, plumbing issues tormented Japanese table tennis star Ai Fukuhara that same day when she was compelled to settle her own latrine.

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