As he is pushed along underwater, this diver shows how he is in perfect tune with two dolphins.

As he is pushed along underwater, this jumper appears how he is in consummate tune with two dolphins.
But this execution isn’t part of a marine appear – it is as a matter of fact a record attempt.
Simone Arrigoni finished 13 circuits under dolphin control – what’s more, broke his possess record – utilizing the dynamic apnea technique, which includes holding your breath.
Record attempt: Simone Arrigoni is pushed along by the dolphins as he recorded 13 submerged circuits

Pushed along: The dolphins, named Paco what’s more, Marco, finished the circuits, or, on the other hand ‘voltas’, in 1 minute 53 seconds
The endeavor took put at a marine focus in the Italian town of Tovaianica, south of Rome.
Arrigoni finished the circuits, or, on the other hand ‘voltas’ as he calls them, in one minute 53 seconds – what’s more, voyage 657 metres.
‘Voltas’ is a Portuguese term utilized by the jumper to characterize the circles that he builds as he is pushed along by the dolphins – in this case, Paco what’s more, Marco.
The assignment is made more troublesome as it requires total synchronization with the animals.
And the dolphins are required to surface at minimum twice amid the test in arrange to breathe, while the jumper remains under the surface in a settled position.
Breaking the surface: The dolphins are required to clear out the water at slightest twice amid the test in arrange to breathe
Arrigoni said some time recently the attempt: ‘The mentors at Zoomarine have educated to me to tune in to the dolphins what’s more, that they speak with each other in arrange to adjust the position amid the test.’

This is the third year that Arrigoni has endeavored to finish the challenge.
Previously he had set a record utilizing the method at the point when he finished 12 ‘voltas’, or, on the other hand 607 metres, in a add up to of one minute 42 seconds.
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