Jackass star Steve-O says he went on three-hour cocaine binge with Mike Tyson while locked in a party bathroom together

Ass star Steve-O has uncovered he went onto a three-hour cocaine fling with Mike Tyson in a party bathroom.
Steve-O, who made a name for himself with his extraordinary stunts, depicted slamming a Hollywood Slopes party as it were for the well known boxer to open the door.
‘He said “You got any coke?”, the Television star, whose genuine name is Stephen Glover, told GQ magazine.
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‘And I told him, “Yeah, dude, I got a bunch.” What’s more, I did. I had like a entirety eight ball in one pocket, half an eight ball in the other pocket.’
The 41-year-old star of Ass Television appear what’s more, motion pictures said the match had bolted themselves in a lavatory where they spent the next three hours taking cocaine.
Steve-O, said that they’d got into a profound discussion about race in America amid the binge.
‘I said to him, my correct words, ‘You know, Mike, I don’t have a supremacist bone in my body, yet I like to consider myself a n****r,” Steve-O said.
‘I’ll never forget, he said, ‘You inquire me, the definition of that word is anyone who employments it.’ What’s more, I was like, ‘Damn! Press Mike, profound as f**k!”
And that was not the as it were time Tyson what’s more, Steve-O would spend together.
The next time they saw one another was at the point when they were both bolted up together on a mental ward together, he said.
While he would not expound why either was there, the Ass star said he spent the time with Tyson attempting to induce him to film a stunt where Steve-O would give himself a dark eye by running into him.
Tyson declined.
But that wasn’t the end of their strange friendship.
In 2011, at the Satire Focal Cook with Charlie Sheen, the match rejoined for a Ass stunt which saw Steve-O at long last induce Tyson, 49, to break his nose.
Steve-O came to popularity with Jackass in the early 2000s – regularly by putting his body through over the top sums of pain.
But he told KIIS FM’s that he’s attempting to change his ways what’s more, ‘grow up’ in later years.
When the star’s celebrating got out of control in 2008, his co-star Johnny Knoxville what’s more, companions interceded to send him to rehab. 
At his most reduced point, he depicted grunting his medicate dealer’s blood blended with cocaine out of franticness for his next high.

And having overcome medicate what’s more, liquor addictions, the star has moved on to his next demon, uncovering he ‘went to see a sex therapist’ what’s more, has been chaste for over seven months.

‘Any man that’s been on TV with any kind of consistency is a sex addict,’ he said to the top Sydney hosts, ‘that’s my theory.’
Steve-O admitted that, no matter how hard he tried, ‘I just couldn’t keep it in my pants.’

Steve-O has moved into stand up satire despite the fact that he hasn’t relinquished his roots, saying he as a rule closes his exhibitions with ‘a maybe a couple stunts.’
He too demands that, in spite of giving up the drugs what’s more, booze, he has not lost his edge.
After he was condemned to 30 days in imprison for climbing a crane amid a challenge at SeaWorld, he posted online: ‘Considering I’ve move toward becoming a clean what’s more, sober, dog-rescuing vegan, I must say I’m prepared to go to jail– not just since it will bring so much consideration to the situation of Orcas in captivity, yet since it’s pleasant to let individuals know I haven’t lost my edge.’
‘What can I say,’ he continued, ‘I’m a jackass. My entirety crane-climbing, firecrackers disaster truly turned out to be lovely significant in the end, too.
Steve-O has as of late started dating inked performer Kat Von D who is based in California.
The couple spent their to begin with Christmas together what’s more, regularly gloat about their relationship on their individual Instagram accounts.

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