Help! You need a lower key, Macca is told: Fans accuse Beatles legend of ruining classics as they suggest he requires assistance with the high notes

At the excellent seniority of 74, Sir Paul McCartney is a national fortune, and properly commended in the wake of keeping in touch with the absolute most critical pop hits ever.

Be that as it may, as he sets out on yet another tiresome visit, a few fans are starting to address whether he needs assistance – with hitting the high notes.

Blistering posts on web gatherings have blamed the star for destroying Beatles works of art amid his present One On One voyage through the US.

Sources on the visit have additionally disclosed to The Mail on Sunday that McCartney’s debilitating voice now must be hidden by his support gathering and other band individuals in the sound blend – and he has been asked to sing in a lower scratch.

On one gathering, a fan asks: ‘Would you rather make them visit constantly or sparing his voice and making records all the more frequently?’ Another composes: ‘Yes, visiting is destroying his voice (alongside maturing) and, egotistically, I for one wish he’d take more care of it, rest up and spare it for future recordings.’

A third says: ‘I think age and every one of those times of smoking… accomplished more harm to his voice than whatever else.’ Another proposes: ‘What I find diverting in his voice is his shortness of breath.’

A source near the present visit disclosed to The Mail on Sunday: ‘Paul’s voice softens frequently up each show. The tune Perhaps I’m Stunned is by all accounts at the highest priority on everybody’s rundown as the most exceedingly bad guilty party. It’s canine dreadful.

‘He truly needs to bring down the keys on the greater part of the melodies he sings. However, he demands singing them in an indistinguishable keys from they were recorded in 50 years prior.

‘The thing about Paul is that regularly, on the grounds that he is such a major megastar, the greater part of the general population he encircle himself with are on the finance and somewhat scared to talk their psyche and be straightforward with him.

‘The same occurred with his sad marriage to Heather Factories. Everybody could perceive what was happening, the total auto accident that moved toward becoming. In any case, nobody had the guts to take him to the other side and reveal to him what was so clearly occurring under his nose until the point that it was past the point of no return.’

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