Navy apologises for giving a full military funeral to man who strangled his girlfriend then stole her phone and texted concerned family and friends pretending she was alive

Australian Naval force boss Tim Barrett has apologized to the family of a lady killed by her previous mariner beau for giving him a burial service with full military honours.
Elliott Coulson, 32, mercilessly choked previous accomplice Kate Malonyay, 32, to demise in her home in northern Sydney in April 2013.
In the days following her death, Coulson texted Ms Malonyay’s companions from her telephone in an endeavor to mimic her what’s more, persuade them she was safe. 
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Two days later, Coulson – who had been missing from his naval force obligations – bounced to his demise from an loft on the 26th-floor of a building on the Gold Drift as police were exploring him over the demise of Ms Malonyay.
The 32-year-old officer was covered after a burial service with full military honours, which included his casket being conveyed by formally dressed sailors.
In Regal 2014, the NSW coroner finished up there was convincing confirm Coulson was responsible. 
Vice Chief of naval operations Barrett said he would pay close consideration to future cases where the naval force was asked to help with the burial service of a serving member, what’s more, apologized for any anguish the burial service caused.
‘I was, what’s more, remain, shocked at the fierce what’s more, rough kill at the hands of Elliott Coulson what’s more, I totally censure the manhandle what’s more, brutality that finished in her lamentable death,’ he said in a articulation discharged on Monday.
‘I recognize that the choice to bolster Elliott Coulson’s family with Naval force cooperation in the memorial service has caused trouble to Ms Malonyay’s family, companions what’s more, the more extensive community.
‘It was not Navy’s purpose to cause this trouble what’s more, for this, I wholeheartedly apologise.’
He too said the episode was one of the impetuses behind the naval force looking for accreditation, which was given in 2014, through the White Strip Association to offer assistance end men’s viciousness against women.
It comes after a long-time companion of Ms Malonyay reprimanded the navy’s involvement, at the point when met as part of the ABC’s Hitting Home documentary.
‘Those kind of services are for heroes. This fellow was not a hero,’ Lauren Sams told the ABC.
‘I just progressed toward becoming so irate that something that is implied to be spared for the exceptionally best individuals in our society – individuals who put their lives on the line, individuals who hazard their lives, who go out of their way, who spend their lives making a difference other individuals – something that’s as a rule saved for them was squandered on somebody who speaks to the exceptionally most exceedingly bad in society.’
Ms Sams too propelled an on the web request calling for the naval force to: ‘donate the full cost of a military burial service to the Crime Casualties Bolster Group, what’s more, freely revile the activities of Coulson what’s more, apologize to Kate Malonyay’s family.’
It as of now has more than 10,000 signatures. 
Ms Malonyay’s mother, Wendy, too told the ABC she wished the naval force would have taken activity against Coulson, what’s more, she was still frequented by the terrible incident.
‘Any of these inconspicuous signs, for God’s sakes just go to the police. Don’t just sit there what’s more, hold up for what happened to my daughter. Since it’s horrific,’ she said.
‘He remained in the unit for two days with her [after her death]. That frightens me. It frequents me to know that she was in that unit for five days, dead.’ 

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