He’s going in the other direction! The moment Nick Kyrgios snubs 1D star Niall Horan after Australian Open loss as British pop singer made his way to see Andy Murray

Australian young tennis sensation Scratch Kyrgios was in no state of mind to talk to a part of one of the greatest kid groups in the world after his crush against Andy Murray at the Australian Open.
The 19-year-old strolled straight past Niall Horan from One Heading while making his way to his evolving room at Melbourne Park, while the Irish artist was cleared out doing a twofold take.
In video film from after the game, Horan, 21, showed up to attempt what’s more, get Kyrgios’s eye, with his Pole Laver Field minder in yellow too attempting to get the tennis star’s attention.
But Kyrgios just kept on walking, disregarding Horan, who was dressed in a red shirt, blue shorts what’s more, a dark cap, what’s more, his entourage.
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The One Course star was at the coordinate to cheer on Murray after celebrating Australia Day on Monday, what’s more, looked to still be well what’s more, genuinely in the soul of festivity as he tasted on a beer.
Tuesday’s night’s coordinate saw world No 6 Murray crush Kyrgios from Canberra in straight sets. 
In the post-match interview, Murray said that he had seen Kyrgios perform over the past 18 months, what’s more, that he had ‘seen how unsafe Scratch is’. 
‘I wasn’t going to think little of him,’ he said. 

Murray said that he knew what it was like to be a youngster in the spotlight, what’s more, entreated the Australian open to let the youthful tennis star to grow.
‘Try not to put as well much weight on him. He needs to be capable to develop what’s more, develop. He’ll make mistakes, he’s young, what’s more, developing up in the spotlight isn’t easy,’ Murray said.

l keep learning what’s more, getting better. He’s an fantastically talent, not numerous individuals have done what he’s done at his age,’ he said.
The 19-year-old said that the encounter had been unpleasant be that as it may too enjoyable, what’s more, that his center going ahead was going to be on remaining solid what’s more, getting a charge out of the recreations he played.

‘I’m upbeat I got as far as I did. It was a incredible experience,’ Kyrgios said in his post-match interview. ‘This is why I play the game, to play these kind of tournaments,’ he said.
Kyrgios said that he was still ‘growing into’ his body, yet took his expanded level of wellness looked at with his execution at Wimbledon as a positive. 
‘These [the top five seeded players] are extraordinary athletes, they’re truly on another level,’ Kyrgios said. The 19-year-old said he had felt extremely upheld by the principally Australian swarm amid the match, yet that he had attempted to center on his amusement Or maybe than the thousands of spectators. 

‘I unquestionably felt the support…it’s one of the best courts in the world,’ he said.

Murray’s measured what’s more, figured diversion won him the coordinate in the end, securing his triumph 6-3 against Kyrgios.
Tennis wonder Kyrgios last year guaranteed hip jump star Drake’s music was to fault for his close misfortune to Czech Republic’s Jirí Veselý in the third-round at Wimbledon.
 last year guaranteed hip bounce star Drake’s music was to fault for his close misfortune to Czech Republic’s Jirí Veselý in the third-round at Wimbledon.
Admitting his a fan of the rapper Kyrgios faulted his awful begin what’s more, general dull execution on the music he was tuning in to some time recently the to begin with set.
‘I came out truly flat, so ideally I won’t tune in to that again! It was as a matter of fact Drake. Didn’t do the work for me,’ Kyrgios said after the game.

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