What IS the truth about the Enfield Poltergeist? Amazing story of 11-year-old London girl who ‘levitated’ above her bed

Updated: 14:53 BST, 9 October 2011
After another sleep-deprived night, Nilam Hindocha is tired what’s more, frail. At 1.49am, as recollections of her darling girl Anni Dewani overpowered her once again, her tears what’s more, crying woke her husband.

Now Nilam is sobbing once more as she recollects the moment, nearly a year ago, at the point when she displayed Anni’s hand in marriage to mogul businessperson Shrien Dewani, the ‘nice Hindu boy’ she had continuously trusted her little girl would find.

Since that upbeat day in late  October last year, everything has changed.
Proud moment: Nilam embraces Anni after her wedding
Now Shrien is standing by removal to confront South African criminologists for addressing over Anni’s kill what’s more, the family still have no thought what truly happened to their daughter.

Nilam, 59, who has endured from cancer, says she in some cases feels so powerless what’s more, depleted that she has the vitality of somebody 30 a long time older.

‘I am depleted what’s more, as it were existing,’ she says. ‘It has been the same each night. My spouse what’s more, I frequently lie conscious talking about Anni until the dawn. We go over the same things, time after time, like, how did this terrible, awful thing happen to our dazzling Anni? There is no straight¬forward explanation.
Newlyweds: Anni what’s more, her spouse Shrien Dewani radiating at the camera as they posture for a snap
‘She was shot on her honeymoon. Her spouse survived. He is presently needed by the police what’s more, he declines to go back to offer assistance them what’s more, offer assistance us learn precisely what happened.

‘It is a bad dream fabricated on bad dreams what’s more, it appears to be never-ending. I would give up everything to have her back in her room next to ours.

‘At the end of this month It will  be a year since she got hitched to  Shrien, what’s more, companions have been  inquiring me regardless of whether the date makes my torment harder to bear. Yet it is continuously there.
Happy couple: Yet Anni Dewani was murdered on their honeymoon
‘Sometimes I lie on the couch with a blanket, just gazing at the divider for hours. My life is on hold what’s more, I can’t rest until I have conclusion what’s more, the individuals who murdered her have been found liable what’s more, punished.

‘Then we can begin the lamenting process properly.’

Nilam what’s more, her spouse Vinod, 62, live serenely in a confined three-storey house in Mariestad, Sweden, where Anni’s room remains untouched what’s more, her photos enhance each surface.

Anni, her senior sister Ami what’s more, more youthful sibling Anish had a cheerful what’s more, protected childhood.

‘We scarcely ever bolt our front entryway or, on the other hand our autos what’s more, there has been no viciousness that I know about. It is such a well disposed place,’ says Nilam.
‘Anni was a extremely sweet young lady what’s more, we utilized to adore taking her to the nearby stop what’s more, putting her on the swings.

‘As a child, I would hold Anni’s hand as she strolled around the  lake here, which she loved. Individuals would stop what’s more, embrace her what’s more, unsettle her hair what’s more, crush her cheeks, as she was an to a great degree cheerful child.

‘She was terrified at to begin with of the water what’s more, would hold my hand tightly. I wish I could have held her hand so firmly what’s more, driven her to security at the point when the executioners struck in South Africa. That is my greatest blame – that I could not spare her. Presently we can’t walk past the swings without recalling how she cherished playing on them at the point when she was young.

‘Seeing other kids on them harms us indeed more. I had trusted one day Anni would come back what’s more, put her claim kids on the swings.’

Anni, 28, was on her vacation with Dewani at the point when she was shot dead in an evident car-jacking  in the devastated Gugulethu Township on the edges of Cape Town last November.
Brutal: Anni was slaughtered by a shot to the neck in Cape Town
Dewani, 32, is as of now engaging against an removal arrange to South Africa, where he faces addressing over his asserted part in the incident. He has asserted he what’s more, taxi driver Zola Tongo were constrained out of the vehicle some time recently his spouse was shot once through the hand what’s more, neck.

A post-mortem appeared there was no sign of sexual strike or, then again rape.

Dewani was afterward embroiled in his wife’s kill by Tongo, 31, who guaranteed in a request deal that Dewani had advertised him 15,000 rand (£1,400) to orchestrate the killing.

Tongo has been condemned to  18 a long time in imprison for murder, kidnapping, burglary with aggravating  conditions what’s more, debasing the course of justice.

It is an result Nilam could never have anticipated after persuading  her girl to look for out ‘a pleasant Hindu boy’.

‘After she wrapped up her building degree six a long time ago, I created stomach tumor what’s more, Anni spent a year living back with us to look after me,’ she reveals.

‘It implied she spent a part of time with me what’s more, I told her I wished for her to meet what’s more, wed a kid from our claim culture what’s more, religion.

‘She was extremely humble what’s more, would say things like, “Mum, I am extremely ordinary-looking, do you think  good-looking Indian young men would find me attractive?”?’

Anni met Dewani in London through shared companions what’s more, he pampered friendship on her, purchasing her blooms what’s more, taking her to the theater to see The Lion King. He proposed at the Ritz inn in Paris, after flying Anni there on a private jet.
Romantic: Anni imagined on the private fly that Dewani contracted to fly them to Paris, where he proposed
‘Anni told us that Shrien said he did not accept in sex some time recently marriage what’s more, this made us feel extremely comfortable, despite the fact that I found it a bit odd that a man of his age could have old-fashioned values.

‘But amid their engagement there were times at the point when Anni would tell me she wasn’t beyond any doubt about him.

‘She said he declined to embrace her what’s more, once she tossed the engagement  ring back at him what’s more, called off  the wedding. I told her that she was  most likely just pushed since her life as a spouse would mean tremendous changes, what’s more, they talked it over what’s more, got back together.’

The couple’s luxurious three-day wedding took put in Mumbai what’s more, cost the family £200,000. Nilam says it was ‘worth each penny’ since Dewani appeared to be the perfect husband.

‘The last time I saw Anni was at her wedding breakfast, the day after the ceremony.

‘She was without Shrien what’s more, situated at the table with her friends. I inquired her where he was what’s more, she said he had rested in.’

The family returned to Sweden while Anni cleared out with Dewani for Bristol, where he made a difference run his family’s mind home business.

The couple afterward flew out to South Africa on honeymoon. On the day Anni died, November 13, Nilam rang her daughter.

‘I required to hear her voice. It was the last time I heard it,’  says Nilam. ‘She said she was Alright be that as it may that there was a part to tell me at the point when she got back to England, what’s more, that she would call as it was important.

‘She moreover said South Africa was so excellent that she needed me what’s more, her father to come what’s more, live there.’

That night, a weepy Dewani rang to break the news that Anni had been kidnapped. Later, they learned her body had been found in the back of the relinquished taxi.

What taken after was an uncommon succession of events, which has presently move toward becoming part of the criminal investigation.
Delay: Dewani is engaging at the High Court against the removal order
After Anni’s father arrived in Cape Town, he sat with Dewani what’s more, his father Prakash, who had flown out there from Britain, in the gathering of the Cape Beauty Inn in Cape Town.  Police say CCTV pictures appear Dewani taking off the gathering what’s more, paying Tongo in cash.

Dewani has demanded this was cash he owed Tongo for the vehicle hire. Be that as it may Tongo has denounced Shrien of arranging the killing, by inquiring him to contract two shooters to snare the vehicle what’s more, kill Anni.

Dewani denies the claims what’s more, says he can’t get a reasonable trial in South Africa since the two men captured for the shooting have pulled back their admissions after guaranteeing they were beaten by police.
Last week, after Home Secretary Theresa May rubber-stamped an removal order, Dewani held up a further claim with the High Court, which has once more postponed his return to South Africa. Specialists have analyzed him as enduring from post-traumatic stun what’s more, he is getting mental care.

But Nilam, frantic for answers, has presently made a new claim to her son-in-law to end the family’s misery.

She says: ‘He needs to be a solid spouse what’s more, go back to South Africa what’s more, offer assistance the police find out who murdered his wife. I am not saying he is blameworthy or, on the other hand had any part in her murder. That is for the police. Yet it is Shrien’s obligation as a spouse to secure his spouse what’s more, her memory.

‘We look like we are coping  from the outside, yet inside the torment is immeasurable.’

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