But that is exactly where Terry Dobney found himself yesterday – and at the centre of a rather less poetic ceremony than he is accustomed to.

Be that as it may that is precisely where Terry Dobney found himself recently – what’s more, at the focus of a Or maybe less graceful function than he is acclimated to.
The 62-year-old self-styled ‘Keeper  of the Stones’, who leads Summer Solstice festivities at Avebury, as well as handfastings – a sort of wedding – is denounced of dishonestly asserting £40,000 in benefits over eight years.
Dobney, an arch-Druid who strolls with a staff what’s more, wore his trademark tweed top with fowl plume until he entered the dock, denies four charges of getting cash by duplicity what’s more, false representation.
He is denounced of falling flat to proclaim to Division for Work what’s more, Annuities authorities up to £30,000 that he held in funds accounts.
Timothy Hills, prosecuting, told the jury that Dobney had over and again erroneously marked reports in arrange to gain  benefits he was not entitled to.
He said: ‘In June 2000, Mr Dobney filled in an application for salary support.
‘Within a short space of time of him getting the concede of salary bolster he opened an account at Bradford what’s more, Bingley.
‘By the 25 October 2000 it held £6,000.
‘Over the a long time a few totals of cash went in what’s more, by 2008 he had dispersed over four accounts resources in abundance of £30,000, none of which he had announced to the Office for Work what’s more, Pensions.’
Between June 2000 to June 2008 the sum he guaranteed amassed to £32,183.47, the jury was told.

Mr Slopes told the court that Dobney had too spared £8,143.87 in chamber tax, in this way giving a add up to extortion of £40,337.44.
In court: Dobney, of West Kennett, is blamed of erroneously asserting more than £40,000 in benefits. He has argued not liable what’s more, his trial continues
He said Mr Dobney had asserted the money had a place to his mother what’s more, that he was arranging to return it to her.
Dobney, of West Kennett, too said he was arranging to utilize the cash to purchase a new covered rooftop for his Review II-listed property.
Dressed in a dark colored coat what’s more, green corduroy trousers, Dobney talked amid the hearing as it were to affirm his name.
He argues not blameworthy to getting cash exchange by deception, the exclusion of obligation by deception, what’s more, two checks of false representation.
The trial continues.
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