‘I can’t take much more of this’: John Whittingdale faces mounting pressure to quit over fresh allegations by porn star lover… as his mystery blonde date is named as Kristina the Lithuanian glass-blower

Beset John Whittingdale has conceded he could be constrained to stop the Bureau over disclosures about his private what’s more, political life.
Reeling from claims about undertakings with a dominatrix, a previous porn star what’s more, two Eastern European ladies, what’s more, about his MPs’ costs, the Culture, Media what’s more, Brandish Secretary told a companion last week: ‘I can’t take much more of this.’
His trusts of survival endured another misfortune last night with new charges by previous topless display what’s more, porn star Stephanie Hudson.
Ms Hudson – whose undertaking with Mr Whittingdale, which finished last year, was uncovered in last week’s Mail on Sunday – says he told her:
The claims expanded the weight on the Serve, a part of two mystery Bureau security panels, to clarify his East European associations. Mr Whittingdale, 56, who is unmarried, had an undertaking with Ms Lokhanova, whose father is accepted to have been a USSR military officer, from 2012 to 2013.
Whittingdale told companions that, at the point when his undertaking with Lokhanova, more than 20 a long time his junior, finished, she returned to Moscow. Her Facebook page appeared photographs of her on extraordinary occasions from Turkey to Thailand.
Ms Hudson told the MoS: ‘John told me he got her [Natalia] a £5,000-a-month work with a well off agent companion of his.’ She went on to say that Mr Whittingdale had said that since she came from such a poor foundation, she was thankful for the opportunity.
The MoS has been incapable to contact Ms Lokhanova, whose whereabouts are not known.
Ms Hudson said Whittingdale had too talked of Firtash, a second-hand auto merchant turned Ukrainian gas tycoon who possesses a house next entryway to Harrods in London. Ms Hudson said: ‘John said the papers would be all over him since he had acknowledged a few cash. He called it “sponsoring” him.’
Firtash’s commentators in Ukraine guarantee he ‘owns’ Ukrainian government officials who bolster his interests. In 2014, he was captured in Austria, charged of renumeration what’s more, defilement by the FBI. Be that as it may, an Austrian court declined to remove him at the point when he griped that the charges against him were politically motivated.
Firtash’s UK agent, businessperson Robert Shetler-Jones, has given tens of thousands of pounds to the Moderate party, yet denies it had anything to do with Firtash. Firtash bankrolls the English Ukraine Society, of which Whittingdale has been a executive. The MP has proclaimed almost £10,000 worth of BUS-funded trips to Ukraine in the MPs’ enroll. He says they were to support UK-Ukraine relations.
He made a difference to sort out a ‘Days of Ukraine’ occasion at the House, gone to by Firtash’s spouse, Lada, to celebrate her husband’s Dmitry Firtash Establishment charity.
According to a WikiLeaks record, Firtash purportedly had dealings with Russian hoodlum Semion Mogilevich, charged of racketeering, money-laundering what’s more, trafficking whores – in spite of the fact that Firtash denied it. In 2012, there were reports that plans to designate Tory previous ambassador Lady Pauline Neville-Jones as David Cameron’s National Security Counsel were blocked after her joins to Firtash were unveiled by MI5. Her Masters office gotten £20,000 a year from Mr Shetler-Jones. Mr Shetler-Jones said he gave the cash ‘in a individual capacity’.
Mr Whittingdale is a part of two of the Government’s National Security Committee sub panels. He has a long-standing intrigue in Eastern Europe: he led the House all party gatherings on Ukraine what’s more, Russia what’s more, was a part of gatherings for Belarus, Georgia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova what’s more, Armenia.
His Essex voting public of Maldon was twinned with Brest, Belarus, in 2012. His sweetheart Ms Lokhanova what’s more, the Belarus envoy gone to the dispatch in Maldon.
A representative for Mr Whittingdale said: ‘John has never gotten any cash or, then again any other budgetary benefits from Dmitry Firtash or, on the other hand his associates.’
Meanwhile, on Friday, the Parliamentary Chief for Models propelled a formal test into a trip John Whittingdale made to Amsterdam with Ms Hudson. Mr Whittingdale fizzled to announce the two-night, expenses-paid trip visit to the MTV Grants on the enroll of MPs’ interests.
A source close to Mr Whittingdale said he did not require to since the trip’s cost did not meet a £660 threshold.
Minister’s puzzle date spotted at French international safe haven meal named as display turned glass-creator from Lithuania
By Simon Walters what’s more, Stephanie Condron

The personality of the riddle blonde who went with John Whittingdale to a French International safe haven meal last month was uncovered last night.
She is Lithuanian display turned glass-creator Kristina Weaves, who has an English spouse, Nigel Weaves, what’s more, lives in Leatherhead, Surrey.
Kristina was with Whittingdale at a French International safe haven social festivity last month where he was extremely sharp to have her situated at his side. The Bureau Serve inquired in the event that Kristina could be moved to the top table to sit with him what’s more, visitor of respect Ruler Michael of Kent, yet was told she would have to remain on an external table.
The match were too imagined at a London Film Celebration party in October last year.
Asked about her relationship with Mr Whittingdale, Kristina said: ‘I have no comment.’ Mr Whittingdale too declined to comment.
Jetsetting Kristina, who portrays herself as a ‘driven fun-lover who accepts in taking risks’, runs a effective ‘hand-blown’ china organization, Svaja, which offers conventional Baltic ‘luxury workmanship glassware’. The name is determined from her center name, Svajone, which implies ‘dream’ in her local country.
Born Kristina Zvirblyte, she came to the UK, matured 25, at the point when she examined Compound Building at Leeds Beckett college, some time recently exchanging to modelling.
She is 47, in spite of the fact that it shows up she once told an questioner she was conceived in the 1970s, which would have taken a few a long time off her genuine age. She hitched her spouse Nigel 16 a long time back what’s more, in 2005 he gave up his work as a auto merchant to go into business with her.
With his bolster, the glass-blowing business took off as Kristina included Arabic to the Lithuanian, English what’s more, Russian dialects she talks to offer assistance her support deals on trips around the world.
According to the Appointive Roll, the couple, who have a 12-year-old little girl, live in a twofold fronted separated home at Tattenham Corner on the edge of Epsom racecourse. On Friday, a white Mercedes with what showed up to be a personalised numberplate based on Kristina’s name was stopped in the garage. Neighbors said she lived there with her husband.
Kristina’s organizing abilities were in confirm at the point when she what’s more, her spouse were among those welcomed to a state meal in Lithuania in respect of the Ruler what’s more, Ruler Philip. She moreover met Mr Whittingdale’s political courageous woman, Margaret Thatcher, some time recently her passing in 2013 what’s more, has portrayed the previous Prime Serve as ‘an notorious lady who made a tremendous worldwide impact’.
Kristina has said: ‘It’s amusing at the point when I look back at how I arrived in the UK: a new confronted youthful lady with no specific objectives. Presently I look at myself what’s more, figure it out how driven I am – to succeed in business, while having a cheerful adjusted family life.
‘A writer inquired me “If you were to do it all once more, would you pick excellence or, then again brains?” what’s more, my reply is, “Intelligence is beautiful.”
‘My message to all ladies around the globe is: take dangers, make your claim rules what’s more, unquestionably have fun.’
Since 2013, she has moreover been the worldwide envoy for the Government Affiliation for the Progression of Noticeable Minorities, a common rights gathering. In 2011, the organisation’s originator, Raphael Louis, was imprisoned for three a long time for attempting to swindle the Canadian charge framework out of nearly £5 million. There is no recommendation that Kristina was mindful of any impropriety.
He’s raising eyebrows on the home front, too: Culture Secretary bills citizen for more than £66,000 in lease for Westminster level scarcely half a mile from one he as of now possesses  
By Abul Taher what’s more, Glen Owen
John Whittingdale was last night charged of controlling the MPs’ costs framework by guaranteeing lease from Parliament for a London level – in spite of as of now owning another taxpayer-funded property in the capital.
The Culture Secretary has charged the citizen for more than £66,000 in lease for a level in Westminster scarcely half a mile from one which he as of now possesses, on which he is taking about £20,000 a year in ‘buy-to-let’ income.
The Tory MP for Maldon, Essex, obtained his level in London’s Victoria in 2008, at the point when MPs with two homes were capable to select one as their fundamental living arrangement. Under the framework in put at the time, they could guarantee back from the citizen the cost of contract intrigue installments on their ‘second home’, in addition bills for furniture what’s more, utilities. In the same year, Mr Whittingdale moreover purchased a four-bedroom house in his Maldon voting public for £355,000 without a contract. He at that point designated this as his fundamental home, permitting him to make claims on his London property.
Fury over the MPs costs outrage in 2009 – at the point when MPs were uncovered to have played the framework by ‘flipping’ the assignments of their homes to expand the sum of cash they could take what’s more, asserting for spurious ‘expenses’ such as duck houses – constrained a crackdown by the recently built up guard dog, the Autonomous Parliamentary Measures Authority.
In 2012, IPSA restricted MPs from guaranteeing back their contract intrigue bills from the citizen, yet permitted them to proceed to assert for lease. A number of MPs, counting Mr Whittingdale, responded by moving into the leased part or, then again taking lodging rooms.
Mr Whittingdale moved out of his level in Victoria what’s more, into a rental property inverse Scotland Yard, on which he asserted lease of £1,700 a month. In 2014, he moved to a second rental property about a mile away in Vauxhall.
Although the mortgage-rent switch is inside IPSA rules, the wheeze has been censured as an manhandle of taxpayers’ cash. Mr Whittingdale proclaims on Westminster’s Enlist of Interests that he procures ‘more than £10,000 a year’ in rental salary from his London home. Yet at the point when it was last advertised for lease, the property was showcased for £1,900 a month, recommending that since 2012 he has earned more than £80,000 on a home on which the citizen paid the contract intrigue for four years.
Mr Whittingdale has too guaranteed more than £65,000 from the citizen to cover his lease bills between moving out in Regal 2012 what’s more, last October, at the point when he halted claiming.
Labour MP John Mann said: ‘This doesn’t look great, what’s more, it doesn’t offer assistance Mr Whittingdale’s cause. I compliment Mr Whittingdale for ending the rental claims.’
A representative for Mr Whittingdale said: ‘John has completely gone along with the parliamentary rules, with all costs guaranteed in understanding with these’.

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