Now Boris plots to SAVE Dave! Johnson pledges loyalty to Prime Minister even if Britain votes to leave EU as he distances himself from Tory leadership challenge

Boris Johnson is to freely deny any offer to expel David Cameron following Thursday’s referendum.
Mr Johnson what’s more, individual Clear out campaigner Michael Gove are to compose to the Prime Serve swearing to remain steadfast to him indeed in the event that the choice comes about in Brexit.
They plan to discharge the letter at the point when the surveys close at 10pm on Thursday to separate themselves from any endeavor by revolt Tory MPs to trigger a initiative challenge against the Prime Minister.
A modest bunch of Traditionalist MPs have said they are prepared to compose to party boss requesting a contest, in spite of the fact that way short of the 50 required to compel such a race.
Mr Johnson, solid top choice to succeed Mr Cameron on the off chance that he loses the choice or, on the other hand wins by a little margin, has over and again denied attempting to utilize Thursday’s vote to topple the Prime Minister.
The letter is composed to appear that indeed on the off chance that England votes to take off the EU, Mr Johnson what’s more, Mr Gove accept Mr Cameron ought to remain in No 10 to handle the exit talks with the EU what’s more, anticipate a political emergency in the UK.
The Mail on Sunday gets it that the letter, sorted out by Tory MP Robert Syms, has presently been marked by more than 70 Brexit-supporting Tory MPs.
One said last night: ‘David Cameron gave us this submission what’s more, this is to make clear he ought to remain on after the result is declared.
‘Nobody in the Tory Party truly needs a initiative race what’s more, the threats of shakiness in the occasion of a limit Brexit vote on Thursday are much diminished on the off chance that the Prime Serve does remain on. 
‘He’s moreover ostensibly the best individual to lead renegotiations with Brussels in the event that the nation does vote to stop the EU.’
Mr Cameron said recently that, win or, on the other hand lose on Thursday, he plans to remain in Bringing down Street. 
Asked on the off chance that could withstand a challenge in the occasion of an EU defeat, he said: ‘I don’t anticipate it. All the time I’ve been pioneer you have this stuff, yet it never (happens)… Well, it hasn’t so far.’
In a energizing call to voters to back him on Thursday, Mr Cameron said they ought to dismiss ‘three add up to untruths’ advanced by Mr Johnson what’s more, Mr Gove.
‘They have said we give the EU £350 million each week what’s more, that we can’t stop Turkey joining or, on the other hand the arrangement of an EU army. All three are completely untrue.’
However, he moreover said he was the best individual to convey out a post-Brexit negotiation.
That will be wildly debated by a few anti-EU Tory MPs, who have secretly recommended his backing of Remain makes Mr Cameron the last individual who ought to lead the offer to cut out a new bargain from Brussels.

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