Brazilian author Paulo Coelho reveals he offered to purchase the film rights to The Interview as he says Sony hack threatens all

Brazilian creator Paulo Coelho says the Sony hack debilitates us all in the event that society doesn’t implement critical values: our person what’s more, aggregate flexibility of articulation what’s more, an steady refusal to arrange with unknown terrorists.
The best-selling creator said Friday that he was arranged to make himself an illustration — indeed in the event that it implied welcoming feedback what’s more, potential dangers — in the event that Sony Pictures had taken him up on his $100,000 offer for the rights to its wiped out film.
Defending these values is a matter of the most astounding concern for ‘everyone on the planet, everybody who accepts in opportunity of expression,’ he said, drawing parallels with the situation of individual creator Salman Rushdie, who spent a long time in stowing away after his novel The Otherworldly Verses drew demise dangers from the Iranian government.
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His design was to discharge the film on his blog in the impossible occasion Sony took him up on his unconstrained offer by means of Twitter for the dubious film The Meet that Sony wiped out after dangers from unknown hackers.
‘I thought that they could take the offer so as not to lose face,’ Coelho said. 
‘You know, “In a signal of great will, we are going to acknowledge $100,000 indeed in the event that we put $44 million in this motion picture since we accept in opportunity of information.” … Tomorrow the film would be there.’
The creator of The Chemist recognized he would have been anxious on the off chance that he had discharged the film, especially since he ventures what’s more, could be vulnerable, be that as it may he would have been more embarrassed of himself on the off chance that he didn’t at minimum try.
‘So live with fear or, on the other hand live with shame? Better to live with fear,’ he said at his extravagance Geneva home, where his telephone what’s more, Web benefit were strangely out of benefit in an evident assault coordinated at him. 
‘In the name of something that is more critical than I am, as a physical person.’
Sony guarded its choice after President Barack Obama said amid a press meeting that the studio had ‘made a mistake’ in dropping The Interview, a ironical film about a plot to kill North Korea’s leader, what’s more, he swore the U.S. would react ‘in a put what’s more, way what’s more, time that we choose’ to the assault that driven to the withdrawal. 
The FBI faulted the hack on the socialist government.
Sony said the cancelation happened as it were since the country’s top theater chains pulled out. 
‘This was their decision,’ Sony said in a statement.
Coelho made clear he wasn’t guarding the motion picture itself yet Or maybe that he criticized the ‘culture of fear’ what’s more, evident eagerness to ‘negotiate with terrorists’ that he said undermines people’s opportunity of articulation what’s more, the guideline of not arranging with terrorists. 
He too communicated profound respect for performing artist George Clooney’s endeavor to feature the same values of staying one’s neck out to guard our opportunity of data by putting forward a request for Hollywood fat cats to sign — despite the fact that none did.
Clooney said the stimulation industry ought to look for discharge of The Meet online, telling the exchange site Deadline that he encouraged Sony to ‘do whatever you can to get this motion picture out. Not since everyone has to see the movie, be that as it may since I’m not going to be told we can’t see the movie. That’s the most vital part.’
Coelho said he was unfit to reach any administrators to talk about the choice not to screen the film some time recently a anticipated December 25 release, yet he considers the studio disregarded his offer since of fear that more Sony hacked e-mails would be divulged.
‘What I’m doing here is much more a kind of political statement: battle for you rights,’ he said. 
‘We live in a minute where fear rules, what’s more, this can’t continue.’

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