Britain’s most-wanted foreign criminals revealed as police bid to flush out the killers in hiding

Updated: 16:36 BST, 7 October 2011
She says her as it were wrongdoing was treating the harmed as they were brought to healing facility amid the riots that overwhelmed the kingdom of Bahrain.
For this offence, Dr Fatima Haji was dragged out of her house at midnight by 30 plain-clothes police officers shaking guns.
She says she was at that point taken blindfolded to a mystery cross examination centre, some time recently being tormented what’s more, more than once sexually struck until she marked reports admitting her ‘crimes’.

On holiday: Dr Fatima Haji what’s more, her spouse Jalal Marzouk. She has been condemned to five a long time in jail for making a difference individuals harmed in Bahrain protests
And she was kept in singular imprisonment for another 22 days, some time recently being discharged on bail.
Now the 33-year-old specialist has been condemned to five a long time in jail.

Though not however imprisoned, she holds up tensely for government powers to drag her away at any moment. 
Dr Haji, who has a three-year-old son, Yusuf, said: ‘Every time I embrace my boy, it could be my last. Each time I call him to me, I know it could be the last time I hold him.’
Dr Haji was one of 20 specialists what’s more, attendants who were condemned to imprison terms of between five what’s more, 15 a long time at a uncommon military tribunal on Friday.
They were blamed of contriving to topple the government by supporting the anti-government dissents that broke out prior this year.
Worried: Dr Fatima Haji what’s more, her three-year-old child Yusuf
The doctors were blamed of utilizing ambulances to transport dissidents what’s more, ammunition. Dr Haji herself was denounced of taking blood sacks to give to the dissidents who utilized them to counterfeit injuries.
She claims the court declined to send for witnesses the respondents had requested, so a few turned up of their claim free will what’s more, requested to be heard. Indeed then, the judge coordinated the legal advisors to inquire certain questions only.
Dr Haji is on safeguard as she appeals, yet the specialists can put her in imprison any time what’s more, demand that she challenges her sentence from prison.
The Middle easterner Spring that had cleared through Tunisia what’s more, Egypt arrived at the tiny island kingdom in the Persian Inlet in February. Hundreds of dissidents assembled in the capital, Manama, requesting more law based opportunities from the administering Al-Khalifa family.
At minimum 35 individuals have since been slaughtered in a government crackdown.
Friday’s condemning was censured by Western governments what’s more, human rights groups.

Foreign Secretary William Hague said: ‘I am profoundly concerned. These are stressing developments.’
Dr Haji was among 3,000 staff working at the Salmaniya Restorative Complex clinic in Manama at the point when the dissents erupted.
Speaking to The Mail on Sunday by telephone, she said that the dominant part of the losses were taken there for treatment, what’s more, the clinic progressed toward becoming a center for the world’s media.
‘We were recorded treating patients. This implied we showed up on the Al-Jazeera Television news channel what’s more, the government did not like that,’  she said.
At midnight one night in April, about 30 plain-clothes police officers jumped into her house what’s more, dragged her out. Her 34-year-old husband, Jalal Al-Marzook, a specialist at the same hos¬pital, was not at home. Yet they were not looking for him.
Dr Haji says she was taken to an cross examination focus what’s more, punched what’s more, kicked while blindfolded. At that point she was kept standing for a few days without sustenance what’s more, water, what’s more, sexually molested.
‘I don’t know how numerous men there were as I was blindfolded, yet I heard numerous voices. They said they would assault me,’ she said.
‘They told me they knew which nursery Yusuf was in, what’s more, would get him. That’s at the point when I broke what’s more, said I’d do anything they wanted.’
She at that point marked a number of reports which she afterward learned were confessions. She was kept in detainment for another three weeks, at that point discharged on bail.
Dr Haji still can’t accept how the year has changed so radically for her – at the begin of 2011 she was on occasion in London with her family. Now, though, she is in despair. ‘I am innocent. I was just doing my job. Presently I feel frightened for my life what’s more, my son.’
The Bahraini government said it has firm confirm against the 20 individuals condemned on Friday.  An official at the country’s international safe haven in London said suspects in authority in Bahrain were not tortured.
And a representative added: ‘They [the medicinal staff] were sentenced of exceptionally genuine offences.
‘But this is just the to begin with arrange in the legal process what’s more, they have the right of claim in a regular citizen court.
‘We have designated an free commission to explore the other allegations.’

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