Drug-fuelled thugs branded two men with hot knives while filming the attack on mobile phones

Last refreshed at 22:00 02 September 2006
Britain’s new Serve for Wellness has uncovered her claim ‘superwoman’ mystery – she what’s more, her spouse drastically thwarted an equipped attack on a bank.
Caroline Flint’s overcome activities in making a difference her spouse handle a gun-toting marauder after he debilitated to shoot clients put the looter behind bars for ten years.
The show happened at the point when Ms Rock what’s more, her at that point accomplice Phil Cole were lining at a occupied NatWest bank in Richmond, Surrey.
Ms Flint, 44, MP for Wear Valley what’s more, the Serve for Open Health, whose design to create a report on how youngsters ought to work out was impacted as ‘fluffy’ by anti-obesity campaigners last week, demonstrated she was a lady of steel at the point when the shooter burst into the bank what’s more, requested clerks to hand over cash from the tills.
When they refused, he snatched a client what’s more, held a weapon to her head.
Ms Stone said: “We didn’t figure it out what was going on until a man who had walked up to the front of the line all of a sudden pulled out a gun. As we were at the back of the queue, we overseen to slip out unnoticed amid the commotion. We had our two youthful kids with us what’s more, I was stressed about their safety.”
The family dashed out of the entryway what’s more, plunged into a close-by gem specialists to raise the alarm. “As we were coming out of the jewellers, we saw the looter smoothly strolling out of the bank with a transporter bag. Of course no one knew he had just looted the bank, so no one halted him.
“He begun strolling energetically down the road what’s more, Phil said he was going to take after him. I chosen to remain with the youngsters yet I was stressed about Phil going after him since he had a gun.”
But as Mr Cole gave interest the shooter begun running. “Phil rugby-tackled him what’s more, amid the battle the man took the weapon out of his belt what’s more, put his hand on the trigger,” said Ms Flint.
“Phil overseen to stick his finger in the mechanism. Luckily, two passers-by came to offer assistance what’s more, one was an off-duty lady police sergeant. The police arrived inside minutes what’s more, captured him. At the point when we got home we both felt shell-shocked, considering about what might have happened.
“I’m extremely glad of what Phil did. Yet we’re not have-a-go legends – we just responded to a situation. I am not prescribing individuals do the same thing, since it could be exceptionally dangerous.
“We afterward heard that our confirm was vital since we could put him in the bank what’s more, we gotten him with the cash on him.”
Mr Cole gotten a Sheriff of London courage grant for his part in thwarting the 1994 raid, points of interest of which to begin with showed up on his wife’s website as one sentence in the history section. The weapon was found to be a replica.

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