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She is the wonderful blonde who enlivened James Limit to compose his award-winning collection Back To Bedlam, what’s more, to whom the vocalist devoted his number one hit You’re Excellent in front of thousands of loving fans.

Holed up in a grungy level in Fulham, West London, at the point when the ex-Army officer was frantically attempting to get a record deal, it was Camilla Boler who guided the at that point obscure Limit through the early stages of his profession what’s more, empowered him to pen his tremendously fruitful album.
But since committing his universal hit to Camilla, a lovely beneficiary what’s more, trying singer, their adore life has been anything be that as it may beautiful.
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Their two-year sentiment has been tried by long periods apart, the overpowering weights of James’s overnight notoriety what’s more, persevering whispers that the artist has been unfaithful.
For months, there has been hypothesis that their relationship was over after reports in Walk thathe had had an undertaking with socialite turned Television moderator Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.
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A maybe a couple weeks some time recently that, the previous Family Cavalryman had been spotted at a Manhattan dance club hand-in-hand with Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova. Yet Blunt, 32, denied gossipy tidbits of an undertaking what’s more, demanded they were just friends.
Then, two weeks ago, Camilla’s most exceedingly awful fears were affirmed with the shocking confirm that he was tricking on her.
Seemingly unmindful to a prying lens, a pale what’s more, pale looking Limit was snapped skipping in the Spanish surf with wonderful 26-year-old Petraduring a break in his nine-month world tour.
Leaning over to stroke his belly, the supermodel, who lost her picture taker life partner in the Boxing Day wave in 2004, showed up mesmerised by Blunt. What’s more, in spite of being on a open shoreline in Ibiza, the couple made no endeavor to cover up their intimacy.
Now, in a searingly fair what’s more, passionate interview, Camilla uncovers how she learned about the pictures at the point when a companion called to tell her that there was undeniable confirm that Limit was duping on herI figured it out something was off-base since she told me to sit down,’ says Camilla, presently 24. She told me a daily paper had printed pictures of James on a shoreline with Petra. I felt as in the event that I was being bitten up what’s more, couldn’t bring myself to look at the newspapers.”
Next day, she says, shelogged on to one of his websites. “I just gazed at the pictures. The abnormal thing was that it wasn’t the pictures of him embracing her that Camilla uncovered to The Mail on Sunday how she what’s more, the Harrow-educated vocalist split up in April this year, be that as it may chosen to give their relationship another shot just days some time recently the wrecking pictures appeared.
“He called (in late May) what’s more, inquired me to go to the Ivor Novello music grants in London with him,” she says.
“I needed to go. In the event that I’m honest, I hadn’t given up on the thought that we’d end up back together.
“It turned out to be one of the most dreamlike days of our entirety relationship. My auto pulled up outside the setting what’s more, the to start with thing I saw was James in front of banks of cameras – the picture takers were going crazy. I was standing there gazing with my mouth open. It would have made an extraordinary photograph, be that as it may one of James’s colleagues bounced in what’s more, hustled me back into the auto what’s more, round to the back entrance.
“Even so, it was incredible to see James. I begun off shaking like a leaf, be that as it may he was my old James. We as a matter of fact had a genuine laugh. At the point when he won one of his two awards, he gave me a kiss on the cheek what’s more, we spent the rest of the day together. I attempted to keep it light be that as it may found it outlandish not to talk about us.
“A week afterward he remained with me for two days. He needed to be with me what’s more, I needed to be with him – it was simple. We were being silly, having fun. He told me that he felt truly desolate since he spends so much time travelling. In the event that he’d been with Petra by then, he had each opportunity to tell me. Yet possibly he didn’t have the boldness or, on the other hand the decency.”
In a sharp twist, Camilla uncovers how, after their two evenings together, they met up once more a maybe a couple days afterward in Spain what’s more, she drove Limit to Madrid station so he could get a prepare to the airport.
“It’s ironic, yet I dropped him off so he could get a flight to Ibiza. Two days afterward those pictures appeared. We haven’t talked since.”
Camilla, the girl of the late kitchen head honcho Stephen Boler, reviews how she felt scared by statuesque Petra at the point when they met while Camilla was voyaging with Limit in America a year ago. In spite of gossipy tidbits that he had developed close to Petra, Camilla accepted they were just great companions what’s more, didn’t need to show up to be a suspicious girlfriend.
“Being honest, it did make me insecure, be that as it may I didn’t need to let that show,’ she admits. “He was under so much pressure. I didn’t need to be the bothering girlfriend.
“You have a decision at the point when you are with somebody celebrated – you can take after them around what’s more, get to spend a maybe a couple minutes a day with them or, on the other hand you can get on with your claim life. I picked the latter. I’m an free girl. I have my claim music career.
“Maybe I was off-base to give him so much space, yet I couldn’t bear to be however another individual making requests on him. I cherished him as well much for that.
When I went to America last year to remain with James at the point when he was on Saturday Night Live, Petra was in the backstage zone what’s more, something about her made me worry. Basically, she’s so unfathomably hot. They clearly knew each other yet James didn’t present meAnd she didn’t go close him while I was there.
“Still, I had to inquire him who she was. He told me how she’d lost her beau in the torrent what’s more, how she’d endured awful injuries. I felt truly awful that I’d been suspicious of her what’s more, promptly told James I was cheerful he was her friend.”
Blunt had too demanded that Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was just a companion at the point when it was guaranteed that the match were having an affair. He purportedly spent a night with her after she saw him perform at New York’s Webster Corridor in March.
“Of course, there had been gossipy tidbits about other women,’ says Camilla. “But I never accepted them. The day some time recently the story about him what’s more, Tara hit the papers, James called to caution me. He told me it was false what’s more, we finished up chuckling about it.
“I have nothing against Tara. I was more disturb that I was misquoted as saying she was a exposure seeker. What’s more, it appeared like each month there was another story about James what’s more, another lady – the on-screen character Mischa Barton what’s more, Jessica Sutta from the Pussycat Dolls.”
Miss Palmer-Tomkinson declined to deny the sentiment at the time, saying: “If nothing happened between James what’s more, me, at that point I would come right out what’s more, say nothing had happened. What’s more, I haven’t done that, have I? It’s lovely simple to work out what I’m saying.”
Camilla still demands she accepts Limit did not swindle on her with Miss Palmer-Tomkinson. Yet she does concede that their relationshipbecame increas- ingly stressed as a result of his overwhelming work schedule.
“The truth is that James finished our relationship in April,’ she says. “I was at someone’s house in Glastonbury what’s more, he was in America at the point when he called me. I as a matter of fact had a flight booked to America to see him the week after, yet as before long as I heard his voice I knew it was over.
“Things hadn’t been great for a while since we’d spent so much time apart. It’s such a cliche, be that as it may his unbelievable victory had put an colossal weight on our relationship. There was no time for us as a couple. It was all just about fitting in a maybe a couple hours in his insane schedule.
“Still, I didn’t need it to end. I said everything I could think of to make him change his mind. We were both crying be that as it may he said he just couldn’t keep the relationship going.”
Although they had been together for two years, Camilla what’s more, James to begin with met six a long time prior while she was working as a barmaid in a bar in Fulham. “When I was 18 I moved to London to be with my sister what’s more, got a work in a pubwas just this performer who knew a few of my friends. I knew he loved me a long time some time recently anythinghappened.
“It was as it were two a long time back that we got together. He welcomed me to a party the day some time recently I was due to fly to Australia for a month. We remained up all night talking what’s more, he was holding up for me at the point when I got back.
“At the time he had a pokey level in Fulham what’s more, he was attempting to get a deal. It was all very grungy. I went on the street with him, dozing together on a tiny bunk in the visit bus. I cherished it since it was a world I needed to have a place to – doing tiny gigs, eating chips at midnight in benefit stations. James wasn’t well known yet we were totally upbeat what’s more, in love.
But, she says, ‘things begun to change once the buzz about his music began. I’d go with him to gigs yet this circle would shape round him, pushing me to the edge. He’d continuously hold out his hand to pull me in, yet as he got bigger, the circles got greater what’s more, we couldn’t physically hold on.
“James would be dragged one way what’s more, it was up to me to battle my way towards him. The busier he got, the more I tossed myself into my music. He was extremely steady – we still had this extraordinary bond.”
Of his most celebrated song, You’re Beautiful, Camilla, claims that Limit as it were committed the tune to her. It was in reality enlivened by his ex-girlfriend Dixie Chassay
“Everybody considers You’re Wonderful was composed about me,’ says Camilla. “He devoted it to me at a gig on my birthday. Yet it’s continuously had blended feelings for me since it ends, “I’ll never be with you.”
“Yet I thought that nothing could change us. We talked about marriage what’s more, youngsters – there was never a question that our future wasn’t together.”
While Camilla claims to have no laments about their relationship what’s more, demands she has moved on, she accepts that popularity has changed the man she met what’s more, fell in cherish with.
“James did change,’ she says. “Fame didn’t appear to make him happy. One of the things I cherished about him was that he was continuously so laid back. That changed. He would get truly on edge – continuously on the post for somebody hopping out at him. I’d attempt to quiet him down be that as it may that entirety VIP thing is hard to bargain with.
“I can truly say that the encounter hasn’t made me bitter. It’s just made me pitiful that somebody I cherished what’s more, thought I truly knew could let this happen. Doing this meet has made a difference me draw that line. Life goes on what’s more, my music goes on, too. James plays to thousands of individuals what’s more, I play tiny venues, yet it makes me happy. Cheerful is all I need to be.”
l A full variant of this meet shows up in Grazia magazine, out on Tuesday.

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