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Published: 23:03 BST, 15 October 2013 | Updated: 12:57 BST, 16 October 2013
Deserving: Alan Yentob guarded his £330,000 compensation while griping about the sum of cash the BBC pay top stars
With a few lucrative BBC compensations to his name, he is known to jealous associates as ‘Two-Jobs’.
But it appears indeed fat feline Alan Yentob feels hard done by thought about with a few of the corporation’s greatest stars.
The 66-year-old official -  who is paid around £333,000 a year as the BBC’s inventive executive what’s more, expressions moderator – has conceded he feels  uneasy with the sum its top ability is paid.
Appearing in a board dialog at the Radio Academy’s celebration in Salford yesterday, Yentob concurred the ‘huge sums of money’ tossed at moderators such as Graham Norton what’s more, Gary Lineker were unfair.
During the question what’s more, reply session – which was disclosed on Radio 5 Live – he reacted to furious remarks made by radio audience Chris Jones, who grumbled he felt ‘betrayed’ by high levels of BBC pay.

He too protested more by and large to the enormous pay rates earned by top Prevalence footballers such as Manchester Joined together striker Wayne Rooney.
Mr Jones said: ‘A parcel of stars are paid enormous sums of money, what’s more, however you’ve got Joe Open who wins around £25,000 a year, which to a parcel of these individuals is nothing.

‘Wayne Rooney plays football for a week, what’s more, I have to work 35 a long time to make what he wins for a week. How’s that fair? You’ve got the likes of Graham Norton what’s more, Gary Lineker [at the BBC].’
It is thought Graham Norton what’s more, Gary Lineker both acquire about £1.5million a year at the BBC.
Wayne Rooney – who does not acquire a BBC pay – procures an evaluated £15.6million a year from Manchester Joined together what’s more, business endorsements.
Mr Yentob endeavored to guard BBC compensations by saying they were lower than those earned at its business match ITV, yet admitted: ‘I concur with you about what Wayne Rooney earns. I concur with you about what moderators of all sorts earn, counting [5 Live presenter] Richard [Bacon] what’s more, I what’s more, others.’
Double dip: Alan Yentob is paid both for his work as an supervisor for Imagine, imagined exhibiting with vocalist Emeli Sande, as well as the position of innovative chief of the BBC

However, Yentob legitimized his claim pay by saying he was ‘valuable’ to the BBC since of his ‘relationship with talent’ what’s more, ‘understanding of the systems what’s more, the schedules’.
The expressions ‘supremo’ is paid one pay of £183,300 as BBC inventive director, what’s more, another as proofreader what’s more, moderator of expressions arrangement Imagine.
He has declined to uncover how much this additional salary is, what’s more, it is not announced on the BBC’s official register. Yet BBC insiders say it is ‘easily’ in the district of £150,000 a year.
The official is too caught on to have accumulated a annuity pot worth £6million amid his decades of working at the Corporation.
Yentob too guarded the enormous income of Top Adapt star Jeremy Clarkson, who raked in £13.3million by offering his creation organization to the BBC last year what’s more, too wins a pay of around £1million paid out of the permit fee.
Yentob said: ‘Jeremy does make a part of money. However, the establishment of Top Adapt is the most fruitful accurate program in the world. So a huge sum of cash comes in, essentially more than anything Jeremy gets, into the BBC, what’s more, goes back into the permit expense through BBC Worldwide. There are in any society, any condition a few individuals who do  especially well be that as it may he is making money, what’s more, that organize is making money, for the BBC.’
Salary: Helen Boaden, the head of BBC radio what’s more, the previous head of news, takes home £340,000 a year
The BBC has been intensely criticsed for spending millions on pay rates for official what’s more, senior staff.

Last month, MPs flame broiled seven managers, past what’s more, present, who earned a amazing £1.6million a year between them.

The top worker was ex-director general Check Thompson, who raked in £670,000 a year while Lucy Adams, human assets director, appreciated a pay of £320,000.
Last month it was too uncovered that the telecasters had contracted a string of administrators on pay rates of more than £200,000 in the past 12 months.
The BBC Trust charged a contemplate of essential pay rates in 2009 what’s more, found numerous were on a standard with the those at top FTSE 100 companies.

What the supervisors are paid:

Tony Hall, executive general: £450,000

Anne Bulford, overseeing executive of BBC operations what’s more, finance: £395,000

Helen Boaden, executive of radio what’s more, previous head of news: £340,000

James Harding, chief of news what’s more, current affairs: £340,000
Danny Cohen, director, BBC television: £327,800

James Purnell, executive of methodology what’s more, digital: £295,000

Lord Patten, BBC Trust Chairman: £110,000

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