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By Alex Delmar-morgan
Published: 18:31 BST, 20 December 2013 | Updated: 18:31 BST, 20 December 2013
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If Santa clause fancied halting off for a quick half while doing his rounds this Christmas, we’ve found the consummate place.
Buried under a mountain of 57 brilliantly lit Christmas trees, 11,500 lights what’s more, 90 hanging blossom baskets, in add up to costing over £30,000, the Churchill Arms bar in Kensington, London, is absolutely hard to miss.
The chipper boozer, a stone’s toss from Notting Hilll Gate, has utilized Christmas embellishments what’s more, an all year round open air blossom appear to draw in punters for almost 30 years, says 63-year-old Irish-born trough Gerry O’Brien.
The Churchill Arms bar in West London secured in Christmas lights what’s more, decorations

The Churchill Arms in Kensington, London, which has 57 Christmas trees connected to the building, 11,500 lights what’s more, 90 hanging blossom baskets

‘I cherish making what’s more, thinking. All year around I attempt what’s more, make something that will draw in individuals at the point when they’re passing by,’ said Mr O’Brien, who’s been running the bar for close to three decades.
When he to begin with took over the pub, Christmas beautifications summed to one 16 feet tree appended to the outside of the building.
But since at that point flowers, lights  what’s more, creative permit have relentlessly grown.

‘The blossoms what’s more, the plants begun off with a maybe a couple bushel in the starting – I thought we must put up another couple the following year,’ said Mr O’Brien. 
‘Four or, on the other hand five a long time back we finished up with well over 30 Christmas trees, yet last year we had 50 – we went a little insane – what’s more, this year we beat the record with 57. There’s no room for any more.’
He added: ‘I don’t think anybody passes this bar without halting to take photos regardless of whether it’s spring, summer or, then again fall – we have awesome display. Christmas is such a uncommon time.’ 
The memorabilia-laden inside of the Churchill arms which has a amazing open air Christmas light display

Punters getting a charge out of a drink at the Churchill Arms pub

Santa inside the West London bar which is well known for its tree what’s more, light display

The Churchill Arms with its 57 Christmas trees, left, and, right, landowner Gerry O’Brien

Visual claim comes at a price, Mr O’Brien says, with year round beautification use counting Christmas costing over £30,000, what’s more, £25,000 alone sprinkled on flowers. However, he sees it as an investment, what’s more, demands power bills are not pushed as well high by the light show.
‘It brings in a enormous sum of business. Individuals hear about it, ring us up what’s more, need to know: “Are they up? At the point when will they be lit?”’. We’ve got individuals coming from God-knows-where to have a look at them.’
The pub’s merry show takes two men four to five days to construct, concurring to the landlord.

The boozer, which was fabricated in 1750, obtained its name after the Second World War since Winston Churchill ‘s grandparents were standard customers.

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