TV comic ‘groomed’ tragic overdose teenager: 18-year-old’s mystery death after star ‘showered him with gifts then made sexual advances’

By Alexandra Klausner
Published: 18:39 BST, 15 Walk 2014 | Updated: 19:39 BST, 15 Walk 2014
When one man chosen to google himself out of interest he found his confront on Northern California’s Most Needed website what’s more, chosen to turn himself in.

Christopher Viatafa, 27, of Paolo, Alto California given himself over to the San Leandro police station where he was needed for professedly terminating a handgun at the San Leandro Senior Focus on East 14 road on Regal 8.
According to police he got into an argument, pulled out his gun, what’s more, let go a maybe a couple shots at the ground.

Christopher Viatafa saw this mugshot photograph on a Northern California ‘Most Wanted’ website what’s more, chosen to turn himself in

Even in spite of the fact that no one was harmed, police needed him on doubt that he shot a gun towards an occupied building. reports that at the point when Viatafa saw himself on the Most Needed website he turned himself in so that he could clear his conscience.

As of Friday, Viatafa was recorded on the site as a ‘captured fugitive.’
The website has been around since December what’s more, is pointed at finding hoodlums from over the San Francisco Sound area. It’s a helpful between state, local, what’s more, government police services.

‘The site has been a profitable apparatus for both law requirement what’s more, the open in finding criminals,’ clarified Mike Sena, the executive of Northern California Territorial Knowledge Focus to

Christopher Viatafa (top-second photo) was recorded on the site as a ‘captured fugitive’ as of Friday

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