Care home worker stole more than 11,000 from 100-year-old woman in shocking act of ‘treachery’

By Alison Smith-squire
Published: 23:33 BST, 8 July 2012 | Updated: 11:22 BST, 9 July 2012
When lovely Abigail Barragry plunged 100ft from a balcony, specialists didn’t anticipate her to survive.

Abigail, 30, confronted demise after breaking for all intents and purposes each bone in her body after falling eight floors from the loft in Malaysia.

And doctors cautioned her crushed family that indeed in the event that phenomenally she pulled through, she might never walk.

Yet today – following four months in healing center what’s more, 13 operations, Abigail, from Sheffield, says the alarming episode has changed her life for the better.

By day, brain research graduate Abigail Barragry worked as an expressions specialist with kids with uncommon needs. By night she cherished to enjoy in the dynamic nightlife in Kualar Lumpar, Malaysia
She concedes ‘Before I had my fall, I was a stickler over my looks. I spent hours picking precisely the right clothes, getting prepared to go out what’s more, worked out five days a week in the gym.’
Abigail fell from the top floor of this tower piece in Kuala Lumpur
And incredibly, she credits the mishap – which she accepts was a wind of destiny – for meeting the cherish of her life, surveyor James Coupe, 30.

‘Before I had my fall, I was a fussbudget over my looks,’ says Abigail who presently oversees to limp with a stick, ‘I spent hours picking precisely the right clothes, getting prepared to go out what’s more, worked out five days a week in the gym.
‘Now, inside my body I have four plates, a screw what’s more, a foot long metal rod. I have scars all over my body what’s more, will never be physically capable as I utilized to be. Yet having my fall has put my life in point of view what’s more, unfathomably I have never been more joyful in myself.
‘I feel so fortunate to be alive. In the event that I hadn’t had this crack accident, James what’s more, I never would have met.  We never stop making one another grin what’s more, each day I feel fortunate to be alive.’
Abigail’s life was turned upside down on New Year’s Day 2011.

The brain research graduate was working as an expressions advisor with kids with uncommon needs at a focus in Kualar Lumpar, Malaysia.
She recalls: “It was 2am in the morning what’s more, I’d been partying, seeing in the New Year with a maybe a couple drinks with friends. I felt bleary eyed what’s more, ran out of the loft onto the balcony.

‘All I needed was a few new air be that as it may as I come to the balcony, I slipped in my heels what’s more, the next thing I knew I found myself hanging over the balcony, my hands holding the rail. Indeed presently I don’t know precisely how I got there.’
For a alarming maybe a couple seconds, she felt the world had stopped.

Abigail slipped over the railing of her overhang at 2am on New Year’s Day last year

She broke essentially each bone in her body what’s more, spent four months in healing center experiencing 13 operations
Miss Barragry has been cleared out with four plates, a screw what’s more, a foot long metal bar in her body
‘Everything appeared to happen in moderate motion,’ she says, ‘I keep in mind looking up at my hands what’s more, feeling sheer short lived freeze as I figured it out they were grasping the overhang yet my body was hanging over the edge.

‘Then I saw my hands slipping, It was as in the event that they were not my hands what’s more, I figured it out I was going to fall.
‘I afterward found I’d fallen through two shades what’s more, a satellite dish on the way down. The next thing I keep in mind is waking up on the ground in the grass. I was lying on my back what’s more, passers by were standing over me.

‘I couldn’t appear to see their faces. Be that as it may the last thing I review is saying to them that my legs hurt some time recently I was overwhelmed with torment what’s more, passed out.’
Abigail came round as she was being wheeled into hospital. ‘The torment was overwhelming, just indescribable. A companion was at my side what’s more, I was asking him not to clear out me. I really felt I was going to die.’

In fact, Abigail’s condition was so basic that it took specialists ten hours in the working theater to balance out her condition.

When lovely Abigail Barragry plunged 100ft from a balcony, specialists didn?t anticipate her to survive

Because she didn¿t have wellbeing insurance, her father Antony, 60, a business director, shelled out £40,000 reserve funds to pay for treatment.
‘My darling dark glossy silk evening dress was cut off me. I had so numerous life undermining wounds that it’s a supernatural occurrence my body didn’t just go into shock,’ she says, ‘My pelvis was split in two places, my broken jaw was wired, my right wrist was pounded what’s more, specialists accepted they might have to excise my right leg. I was in the more terrible torment I envisioned could exist.’
The next two weeks passed as a obscure as Abigail battled for her life in serious care.
Days what’s more, evenings rolled into one as she slipped by in an out of a coma. Since she didn’t have wellbeing insurance, her dad
Antony, 60, a business director, shelled out £40,000 investment funds to pay for treatment. In the interim mum Pamela, 65, a secretary got on the to start with flight accessible to be with her daughter.

Miss Barragry fell through two shades what’s more, a satellite dish amid her 100ft fall

Says Abigail whose guardians are separated yet who both spent days what’s more, evenings by their daughter’s bedside, ‘It was the to start with time I’d seen my father cry. I went from living what’s more, working my dream to battling for my life.

‘Lying in my healing facility bed incapable to indeed lift a glass or, then again wipe my claim confront I pondered in the event that I had as a matter of fact kicked the bucket what’s more, this was hell.’

Worse was to come at the point when specialists clarified she could lose her right leg what’s more, she would likely spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

‘Landing on a grass region had spared my life,” she explains, “but the bone in my right leg had smashed on affect what’s more, earth had got into it causing a frightful infection. It implied entirety segments of the bone had to be expelled what’s more, my leg held together in a metal case to attempt to hold it together.’
After four months in the Malaysian healing center she was at last released in a wheelchair be that as it may chosen to come home to the UK with her mum.

‘I required so much help.  I’d lost over over a stone in weight what’s more, was so frail. At the same time, I required further treatment what’s more, it appeared simplest to get it in the UK.’
Against all the chances Abigail’s leg was saved. Yet her legs were so seriously harmed she could as it were get around in a wheelchair.

‘It was a appalling time,’ she says, ‘when I had my fall I’d been seeing somebody be that as it may despite the fact that he was extremely strong at the time, what happened pushed us separated what’s more, we finished. I keep in mind considering that no-one would need me – somebody who is so scarred what’s more, in steady pain.’

But in spite of this, she didn’t give up.
‘I was decided to get better. I told myself I still had all my appendages what’s more, I would walk again. I read book after book on torment administration what’s more, experienced extraordinary physiotherapy. Specialists said my wrist was so seriously harmed I would never compose once more be that as it may I constrained myself to utilize a computer.’

Her assurance paid off what’s more, continuously Abigail was capable to pull herself out of a wheelchair what’s more, walk utilizing crutches.

Abigail met surveyor James Roadster 11 months after her accident, after a shared companion presented them
And in November 2011 – after being induced to go to a nearby bar for a drink – she met James. ‘A shared companion presented us what’s more, I thought he was gorgeous. We clicked straightway.’

After talking on the web for a maybe a couple days, she was excited at the point when James inquired her out for a drink.

‘I felt fantastically nervous,” she admits, “but he never saw me as the ‘patient’ as it were as the positive individual I still am.  I did ponder on the off chance that he’d be put off by my appalling scars yet he just doesn’t appear to see them.

‘We never stop making each other grin what’s more, giggle – he’s my soulmate.’

Although she faces further surgery to her leg, she accepts her close demise encounter has had a positive impact on her life. ‘If you’d told me I’d be cheerful with all these scars I’d never have accepted it,’ she says, ‘Of course what happened was terrible. Yet I’ve found bliss in the littlest accomplishments what’s more, a new appreciation of how incredible it is to be alive.

‘I am excited I can presently wash my claim hair what’s more, make a glass of tea. I am so blessed I still have my mind in civility what’s more, can utilize that to do anything I want. No I can’t have the life I once had yet I can have a more satisfying one with all that I have learned.

‘I’ve been to for hell’s sake what’s more, back yet this has made me more grounded since I know nothing can ever be as awful or, on the other hand bring me down.’

Abigail presently plans to go back to work what’s more, trusts one day to return to Malaysia. She says: “Before this tore my life separated I was about to do more considering in advising what’s more, psychology. What’s happened has fuelled my desire to proceed with this to offer assistance others. I need to make something truly positive from this nightmare.’

She trusts telling her story will make others mindful of the threats galleries abroad posture – regularly they are fabricated much lower than controls permit in the UK. Last year alone more than a dozen Brits fell from lodging overhangs abroad.

Meanwhile she is about to go on her to start with occasion with James to Spain.  “I never thought I’d ever be well enough to go anyplace let alone go some place without a wheelchair. Yet as of late after 16 tiring months I at last had my metal case taken of my leg what’s more, presently I can’t hold up to swim in a pool.”
She is energized about the future.

‘Even the best laid plans can’t stop crack accidents,’ she says, ‘I will never be the same once more yet I’m not going to let what happened stop me from doing anything.

‘But it wasn’t my destiny to bite the dust what’s more, it’s knowing that which has prodded me on to make the most of living.’

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