Female track coach arrested for ‘sexual relationship with boy, 17, she was coaching’

By Angella Johnson what’s more, Scratch Ross
Published: 22:36 BST, 1 June 2013 | Updated: 10:15 BST, 2 June 2013
Assault: Plant Britton was assaulted at the age of 21
Fern Britton wavers into the room on stilt-like stilettos, self-consciously pulling the stitch of her skintight Alexander McQueen smaller than expected dress. She looks radiant. Seven a long time after dubiously losing five stones with the help of a gastric band, she still appreciates appearing off an hourglass figure.
‘I think it’s vital that ladies are capable to dress the way they wish to dress,’ says the previous Great Morning TV presenter. ‘If I need to wear a short skirt, at that point I’m going to.’
She is, of course, correct. Just since a lady wears figure-hugging or, then again uncovering clothes, she shouldn’t be denounced of  welcoming unwelcome attention. What’s more, that is a subject with which Greenery is all as well familiar.
All week an contention has seethed over Scratch Ross’s questionable comments in his new book, Crime, serialized in The Mail on Sunday.
Discussing the combustible issue of rape, he pointed out that ‘not indeed in the lecherous days of Charles II in the 17th Century was it satisfactory for ladies to dress as provocatively as they have done in Western culture since the 1960s.’
Predictably, his investigation incited shock – what’s more, a few degree of support, as well – at the point when he revealed that, for a few ladies at least, ‘rape isn’t continuously rape’.

While the offense is continuously reprehensible, he said, a few ladies must take a share of duty for what happened to them.
Fern, 55, is well-qualified to contribute to this troublesome debate. She knows from sharp individual encounter the quandary numerous ladies confront after enduring the horrendous trial of a sexual assault.
At 21 she was assaulted in her home by a man who had inquired her on a date. She didn’t report it to police since she felt she had been at fault.
She picks her words with care. ‘Nick’s a incredible guy, yet he’s not a woman… he’s not someone who has been attacked in a way that he didn’t wish to be invaded.The reality is that assault is rape. In the event that you don’t need it, yet somebody does it against your wish, at that point it is  a violation.
‘Even in the event that you get a bit smashed or, on the other hand in the event that you go back to the person’s flat, once you say no at that point it’s no.
‘In my case I was stone icy sober. The man came to my level what’s more, didn’t need to leave, indeed at the point when I told him to. He was somebody I had as of late met what’s more, who had come to pick me up what’s more, take me to dinner.
‘Afterwards I close down. I didn’t need anybody to know about it. I just needed to imagine it never happened.’
It was an act of graciousness at the point when she was living in Cambridge that driven to the startling attack.
Innocence: Ferne is imagined on occasion as a adolescent some time recently the attack, which she kept a mystery for decades
She had taken two lost canines to a police station what’s more, their proprietor had gotten her telephone number to say thank you.
The man appeared ‘pleasant what’s more, nice’ what’s more, she acknowledged his welcome to feast out – twice. On the second event he arrived at her level to pick her up bearing two bottles of champagne. She took them to the cooler what’s more, at the point when she returned to the living room, he was doing press-ups wearing as it were his underwear.
‘My to begin with thought was that it was a joke, be that as it may inside seconds my ha-ha! turned into Gracious God,’ she afterward wrote.
‘I didn’t have a telephone at the flat, mobiles hadn’t been invented, what’s more, some time recently I knew what was happening he was up on his feet what’s more, attempting to kiss me – pushing me against the wall, at that point down on to the floor. I was totally alarmed what’s more, thought, “I’m done for – what do I do?” She said no, yet he overwhelmed her.
The assault kept going all night what’s more, in the morning the man dressed what’s more, left. Plant did not talk openly about it until she included it in her diaries in 2008.
She didn’t report the assault to the police since she felt she had put herself in a risky position by letting a stranger into her level what’s more, because: ‘I didn’t have wounds what’s more, he didn’t hit me.’
The injury remained with her for years. ‘I didn’t  go out with a man  for a extremely long time. I close it out, blocked it from my mind what’s more, got on with my life. I didn’t tell anyone.
‘Somehow you can still feel guilty. I felt that I ought to have done something. I think the dominant part of ladies who find themselves in a circumstance where something happens that they didn’t want, indeed on the off chance that it was not full-blown rape, they won’t report it.’
It took numerous a long time for her to get it that she had been assaulted what’s more, it wasn’t her fault. ‘I didn’t have any therapy. I just put it down to experience, learned from it what’s more, moved on,’ she adds.
It’s not a reaction she advocates for everybody yet she says it’s time ladies halted seeing themselves just as victims.
‘We must all take a few duty for our actions. At the point when you’re extremely youthful you don’t know the message you’re sending. You don’t know you’re sexually attractive, yet the messages are being received.’
Younger women, she insists, ought to be mindful of how they are seen what’s more, the circumstances they find themselves in – a point with which, as it happens, Ross would extremely much agree.
Now the creator of seven books – three on cookery, one self-portrayal what’s more, three books – Greenery has concentrated on her composing profession since clearing out daytime TV in 2009.
We meet in a inn in Powys, Wales, where she is advancing her third anecdotal work, The Occasion Home, at a scholarly lunch sorted out by Great Housekeeping magazine.
She is due back on TV this month in a new ITV series, Privileged insights From The Workhouse, in which famous people find progenitors from the off-base side of the tracks. 
Fern was crushed to find out that her maternal great, great, incredible grandfather, Companion Carter, scratched a living working on the arrive yet was constrained to enter the workhouse to get free medicinal treatment at the point when his son, Jesse, was taken ill.
Jesse was at that point sent to a instructing hospital, where he kicked the bucket what’s more, his body was given up for analyzation as the family could not bear a funeral.
She was troubled to learn of her relatives’ battle to make closes meet what’s more, the cruel conditions they faced. Companion Carter found himself back in the workhouse at the age of 91, without further ado some time recently he died.
Carefree past: Tv moderator Greenery Britton with celebrated on-screen character father Tony
The encounter has cleared out her considering more about her claim mortality what’s more, the way society sees death.  Most people, she says, are in dissent about the end of life.
‘We don’t need to talk about it what’s more, we don’t design for it. The inconvenience is that solution has told us that we can beat anything, live longer and  remain youthful forever.’
She considers demise ought to be grasped what’s more, has arranged her claim funeral. ‘It’s all composed down in my will what’s more, the kids have been briefed,’ says Fern. ‘After the service, I need to be incinerated what’s more, my fiery debris tipped from a speedboat off the drift of Cornwall on a moonlight night out over the waves. The vessel what’s more, urn must be secured by parts of pixie lights, since I cherish pixie lights.’
Friend Carter would be pleased to know that his relatives went on to prosper.
Sitcom on-screen character Tony Britton is Fern’s father what’s more, her mother Ruth was moreover an actress. Fern’s Television profession started as a coherence commentator in Plymouth for Westbound Television more than 30 a long time ago. Since at that point she has introduced BBC’s Breakfast Time, GMTV, London News Network’s London Tonight, Prepared Enduring Cook what’s more, This Morning.
Fern, who is supposed to have cleared out This Morning after finding that co-presenter  Phillip Schofield was getting paid more than her, is sharp for individuals to figure it out she is a more than a friendly, grinning face.
‘People think I’m just a senseless old young lady next door, yet I do have a brain. I’m no Stephen Hawking, yet I’m a part of Mensa what’s more, I have a doctorate for administrations to broadcasting from Buckinghamshire New University. All right it’s honorary, yet I’m a doctor.’
Such things, she says, give her a ‘quiet inward boost’ since she feels she misused her a long time in school what’s more, never went to university. It is her family, however, that gives the fundamental balance in her life, particularly her husband, cook Phil Vickery, 52. They have been hitched for 13 a long time what’s more, share their sprawling Buckinghamshire home with their little girl Winnie, 11, what’s more, Fern’s youngsters by her past marriage, twins Jack what’s more, Harry, 18, what’s more, little girl Grace, 16.
The couple met while working on Prepared Relentless Cook.
‘It was spectacular to have found somebody I was pitifully in adore with what’s more, who was arranged to take on a separated lady with three children. He’s exceptionally loving, amusing what’s more, awesome with the kids. He’s my best mate.’ Yet does the comfort of home life coordinate the energy of live television? She grins what’s more, answers with a sober mindedness that proposes she knew it was time to move on after more than 30 a long time of every day TV appearances.
‘Honestly, I don’t have hunger to return to that. I think that at the point when you’ve had your turn at that point you’ve got to let some individual else have a turn,’ she says. While concurring that a few men have a longer turn than women, she demands that a part don’t. 
‘Of course it’s not reasonable that once ladies begin thumping on a bit their encounter is kicked out the door. Yet at that point ladies are for the most part more down to earth what’s more, we have lives that mean we don’t require the steady consideration from work. I’m truly still beneficial in so numerous other ways.’
Age what’s more, life encounters have brought certainty what’s more, contentment. Yet it took Greenery numerous a long time what’s more, much individual anguish to come to terms with the strike she endured as an blameless youthful woman. However she still considers her choice not to go to the experts after her assault was the right one for her.
Secrets From The  Workhouse, ITV, June 25
By Scratch Ross
Defence: Creator what’s more, Crimewatch originator Scratch Ross
Consider the following: ‘No sum of actuation can pardon rape. Assault is one of the most disregarding crimes. Casualties tend to feel dirty, embarrassed, racked with aversion what’s more, self-blame.’
Would you say the author of this was any of the following: ‘slimy’, ‘disgusting’, ‘offensive’, a ‘victim-blaming idiot’ or, on the other hand an ‘apologist for rape’?
Well, obviously I am. In a firestorm of shock I have been criticized as raunchy what’s more, insensitive, what’s more, charged of fixing a long time of advance what’s more, advancing the see that men are still ‘just powerless slaves to their claim desires’.
I continuously knew my book would be controversial. The distributers caution on  the cover that Wrongdoing will amuse those who come to it with an open

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