Man given curfew after smashing windows and racially abusing staff at exclusive Mayfair members’ club

By Anna Edwards what’s more, Mario Ledwith for the Day by day Mail
Published: 20:59 BST, 29 January 2013 | Updated: 22:31 BST, 29 January 2013
A driver has been charged with murdering a spouse what’s more, spouse who passed on at the point when they were thumped off their couple bicycle.
Ross Simons, 34, what’s more, his spouse Clare, 30, who were depicted as ‘two peas in a pod’, were cut down by a Citroen Picasso which was being taken after by police.
Nicky Lovell, 38, will show up some time recently North Avon Magistrates’ Court tomorrow charged with two tallies of causing passing by risky driving.

Nicky Lovell, 38, will show up some time recently North Avon Magistrates’ Court tomorrow charged with two checks of causing demise by risky driving, following the passings of Ross Simons, what’s more, his spouse Clare
The couple had celebrated their wedding day 18 months prior what’s more, as of late been given the go-ahead to experience richness treatment

Lovell, of Oldland Common, South Gloucestershire, is denounced of falling flat to stop after the accident, as well as driving without third party protection what’s more, while disqualified.
He was captured after giving himself into police as it were hours after the collision.
The pair, depicted by companions as flawless what’s more, caring, were said to be attempting for a child what’s more, had ‘everything to live for’.
They had just been given the go-ahead to begin richness treatment what’s more, celebrated the cheerful news on Saturday night with companions at a meal.

Police said a auto struck another vehicle at that point slammed into the two cyclists some time recently the driver fled the scene of the crash in Bristol on Sunday.
Ross Simons, 34, what’s more, spouse Clare Simons, 30, passed on after their pair bicycle was hit by a auto in Bristol
The episode happened without further ado some time recently 4pm in Hanham, on the eastern edges of the city, what’s more, the two cyclists kicked the bucket at the scene as a result of their injuries.
Their families paid tribute to them in a articulation after the incident.

‘Both of our families are totally crushed by the lamentable occasions that took Ross what’s more, Clare from us,’ it said.

‘A exceptionally uncommon couple have been taken from us what’s more, we have no words to depict our loss.

‘We would all appreciate it on the off chance that our security was regarded at this troublesome time in arrange for us to lament as a family.’
The Autonomous Police Grumblings Commission is presently exploring after an officer endeavored to stop a speeding Citroen Picasso some time recently the collision.

A 35-year-old lady was safeguarded after she was captured on doubt of unsafe driving.
Avon what’s more, Somerset police discharged a explanation affirming that an officer had been following the vehicle.

The police had endeavored to pull over a Citroen Picasso that was voyaging along Lower Hanham Street at speed.

A articulation read: ‘The officer demonstrated to the auto to stop be that as it may it made off. The officer started to take after the auto yet it was lost to locate nearly immediately.

‘Very quickly a short time later the auto struck another vehicle what’s more, at that point impacted with two cyclists on a pair bicycle.

’34-year-old Ross Matthew Simons what’s more, 30 year old Clare Simons both passed on at the scene of the episode as a result of the wounds they sustained.’
‘A extremely extraordinary couple’: The couple’s family said that they had no words to depict their misfortune after the lamentable accident
The couple were depicted by companions as ‘two peas in a pod’
Family companion Diane Pullin, from Kingswood, Bristol, said she got to know the couple since her son-in-law Darren worked for Mr Simons’ father.
‘They are a dazzling family, so kind what’s more, so helpful,’ she said. ‘They don’t merit this. They’d just had news that they were capable to have fruitfulness treatment… everything to live for.
‘It’s just appalling what’s more, it shouldn’t have happened. Two youthful individuals with their lives in front of them… snapped away just like that.
‘They were attempting for kids what’s more, they had just been told they could have fruitfulness treatment. Everything to live for, they were such a dazzling family.’
Mrs Pullin said her little girl Shelley what’s more, son-in-law Darren had been out for a dinner on Saturday night with Mr what’s more, Mrs Simons.

‘They frantically needed youngsters what’s more, it wasn’t happening,’ Mrs Pullin said. ‘They’d just been given the go-ahead. They were so upbeat on Saturday night.

‘My girl says she’s got helium inflatables at the top of her stairs wishing them good fortune what’s more, she can’t indeed look at them.

‘Like she said to me just now, ‘How can I be with them on Saturday night what’s more, they’re not here now?’. It just appears that no one knows. No-one could have thought this on Saturday night.

‘It’s just so sad. It’s all I can truly say. Such a squander of a life. All these questions of ‘why?”’

It is accepted the couple were on one of their to begin with pair bicycle rides at the point when they were thumped down
Mr what’s more, Mrs Simons ‘could never do enough for anybody’, a family companion said as he laid blossoms at the scene
A neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said they were on their way for a feast at Clare’s parents’ house at the point when disaster struck.
He said: ‘They as it were purchased the couple a maybe a couple weeks back what’s more, hadn’t utilized it much. They beforehand had discrete mountain bicycles yet they were stolen from the house so they purchased the pair to supplant them. I think this was one of the to start with times they’d been out on it.
‘Ross fabricated a carport at the house to safely keep the tandem. I accept they were were heading to Clare’s family for tea at the point when it happened.
‘Both of their families live in that heading yet I talked to Clare’s father recently evening what’s more, he was stressed since he hadn’t heard from them what’s more, they hadn’t turned up for the meal.
‘Ross’s father called this morning what’s more, told me what had happened. He was greatly disturb what’s more, crying down the phone.
‘They were the best neighbors you could have, I’ve lived by them for five a long time what’s more, they were both lovely. I have two little ones what’s more, at whatever point they had a grill in the summer they would continuously inquire us round.
‘They were brilliant, you couldn’t inquire for better neighbours. They would do anything for anyone. This is loathsome news.
Police autos in Lower Hanham Street on Sunday after the two cyclists were killed
Forensic groups go to the scene after a man fled the region following the terrible incident
Locals living in the predominately private road talked of their stun that a hit-and-run could happen in the area.

Rev Dwindle Cook, of Hanham Baptist Church, said: ‘I think it is stun what’s more, incomprehension. It has tore the group to its heart.

‘I was just told about it at the point when I was about to begin my evening benefit what’s more, I truly thought the individual telling me was having me on.

‘We halted the benefit what’s more, implored for what was going on – it appeared just so implausible.

‘You don’t anticipate it happening on a Sunday evening at the point when you are out for a cycle. I think it was completely out of the common what’s more, that’s why individuals are so stunned by it.

‘I know parts what’s more, parts of individuals in the group are imploring for them what’s more, we need to give their families our most profound sympathies.

‘We can’t envision what it’s like to lose two individuals like this.’

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