Beloved, ALS-stricken former NFL star Steve Gleason hospitalized after becoming unresponsive during Monday Night Football

By Anthony Bond
Published: 22:23 BST, 19 October 2012 | Updated: 12:21 BST, 20 October 2012
Young football-playing young ladies can regularly be prodded at school by their individual male understudies about their capacities on the pitch.
But they may think once more after observing this entertaining video.
This presumptuous chap finished up chuckling on the other side of his confront after a youthful female understudy he was prodding booted him in the head with a football – causing him to cry in front of his classmates.


Taunts: The cut appears a class of understudies at a Norway school bowing over while a young lady takes point with a football. Be that as it may one shameless kid understudy declines to twist down

Taking aim: With the kid still prodding the young lady what’s more, rejecting to twist down, she runs up what’s more, kicks the football
A diverting 30-second video has move toward becoming an web sensation after it pulled in a stunning 250,000 sees since it was transferred on YouTube.
The cut appears a class of understudies at a Norway school twisting over while a young lady takes point with a football.
But one shameless kid understudy declines to twist down what’s more, instead stands half-turning towards the young lady attempting to put her off by wriggling his base at her.

But the young lady gets her exact retribution at the point when she feet the ball at them what’s more, clobbers the kid straight in the face.
The staggered youth grips his confront what’s more, strolls around the exercise center in a trance while everybody around him blasts out laughing.
Even the grown-up chiefs can be heard emitting into fits of laughs as the crack shot crushes into the boy.

Target: Shockingly for the boy, the young lady is an to a great degree great shot . The yellow ball can be seen just inches from his head

Painful: The boy’s head rocks back after the ball crushes into his face
Since it was transferred in June, the video has racked up 250,000 sees with hundreds more observing it each day.
Norwegian sports teacher Robin Zapffe, 35, who recorded the crack shot, said: ‘It was unbelievable – the kid was insulting the young lady what’s more, the next thing you know he gets hit in the confront by this consummate shot.
‘We felt a little awful for laughing, since the affect was so hard that the kid as a matter of fact begun crying.
‘But once he quieted down he kind of saw the interesting side.
‘I think his personality was just as wounded as his face.’

Sore: The kid holds his hands to his confront what’s more, begins crying

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