Heartache of the wife dumped by our man in Kabul: Envoy ‘has baby with lover’

By Anthony Bond
Updated: 16:17 BST, 6 Eminent 2012
It is a travel which begun in a humble, working class Welsh mining town what’s more, could however wrap up in the powerhouse of western democracy.

With her spouse Glove competing for the Republican presidential nomination, Ann Romney has as of late uncovered the unbelievable story of her Welsh roots.
Mr Romney’s rivals for the selection have painted him as an elitist who made his cash from cutting jobs, which doesn’t play well with American voters in the brutal financial climate.

American Dream: Glove Romney with his family what’s more, spouse Ann. Her heritage lies in South Grains what’s more, her story is getting to be an expanding part of Romney’s battle for a presidential nomination
The Welsh connection: Previous English Lions rugby player Roddy Evans (circled), imagined here on global obligation with Wales, is Mrs Romney’s second cousin
On the battle trail: Ann Romney’s ‘working class’ story is seen as the embodiment of the American Dream what’s more, could offer assistance her spouse overcome his negative ‘elitist’ media image
But Mrs Romney’s ‘working class’ story can be seen as the embodiment of the American Dream what’s more, could offer assistance change that negative media picture of her husband.

And now, her glad relatives in South Grains have talked about the mind boggling story which could end in the White House.
Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, previous Ridges what’s more, English Lions rugby union player Roddy Evans has told of his pride.
The 77-year-old is Mrs Romney’s second cousin what’s more, routinely invites the Romneys to his home.

‘I’m extremely glad of what they’ve achieved,’ he said.

‘It would be awesome in the event that the to begin with woman had such humble roots in a little mining town in south Wales.’

‘Ann’s father was continuously greatly cognizant of his Welsh connections’.

Mrs Romney’s granddad David Davies was a coalminer who worked down the Coegnant Colliery close to his home in the town of Nantyffyllon, close Maesteg.

But at the point when a coal truck pulverized into him he lost a kidney, clearing out the family stressed for their future.

Going back to her roots: Ann Romney’s grandmother, Annie Davies, who is imagined here on a visit to Ribs after emigrating to the U.S. at the turn of the 1930s
Digging for history: Mrs Romney is greatly pleased of her Welsh roots, which she has passed on to her five children who she sent down a mine on a visit to Grains so they could share their grandfather’s experience

Family ties: Mrs Romney’s father Edward Davies (circled), imagined here in Ridges matured 14, was instructed at General Engines Establish of Innovation in Flint, Michigan
So he took the strong what’s more, overcome choice to move to the U.S. in 1929 what’s more, before long earned enough cash to pay for his spouse Annie what’s more, child Edward to join him, in spite of their starting hesitance to clear out Grains behind.

It was a choice which was to demonstrate colossally effective for Edward in particular.

His mother what’s more, father could as it were bear to send one of their four youngsters to college, so Edward headed off to the General Engines Establish of Innovation in Flint, Michigan.

He went on to move toward becoming a self-made agent with a extremely fruitful company.

He co-founded Jered Ventures in 1946 which at first overhauled the auto industry. Yet the organization before long extended quickly what’s more, moved into new sectors, counting space travel.

Edward moreover created items what’s more, enlisted licenses for various items, counting a high execution golf truck what’s more, a garden sprinkler system.

Founding grandfather: Ann Romney’s granddad David Davies, imagined here with his child Leslie, emigrated to the U.S. from Ridges in 1929 after falling on hard times due to an mechanical accident
Negative image: Romney, who is competing for the Republican presidential nomination, has been painted by rivals as somebody who made his fortune by cutting jobs, which doesn’t play with pressed voters in the current monetary climate
His family went on to live in the well off Detriot suburb of Bloomfield Hills, where Edward served as mayor.

And it was here that the presently fruitful what’s more, aggressive political couple to start with started their life-long relationship.

The 18-year-old Glove Romney, who was the child of the Michigan governor, started dating his future spouse Ann at the point when she was 15.

Mr Romney, 64, is a previous private value businessperson what’s more, representative of Massachuesetts.

His political adversaries say he is out of touch what’s more, picked up his enormous riches of more than $200 million from slicing employments what’s more, asset-stripping.

And presently Mr Romney’s counsels are trusting that the extraordinary story of his wife’s Welsh roots – which takes after the exemplary American dream perfect – can offer assistance to lead him to victory with the Republican selection what’s more, at that point the White House.

But one thing is clear. Mrs Romney is to a great degree glad of her Welsh roots, which she has passed on to her five sons.
On a visit to Wales, the family indeed went down a mine to encounter the conditions that their progenitors faced.
But regardless of whether it is enough to secure the Republican selection for Mr Romney, as it were time will tell.
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