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Published: 21:17 BST, 2 Walk 2014 | Updated: 12:58 BST, 3 Walk 2014
The telephones were ringing off the snare at Gordy’s Pizza & Pasta in Port Angeles last Wednesday, yet the guests weren’t looking for the eatery’s signature fettuccine.
They were attempting to vote for their top pick singing hopefuls on the hit Fox Television appear American Idol.
The Landmass Day by day News reports that it’s not clear why the calls were directed to Gordy’s for two hours Wednesday night. The number the appear promoted for voters – 855-443-6411 – is not comparative to the number the pizzeria has had for the past 50 years.
Popular pizza: Randy Sexton, proprietor of Gordy’s Pizza & Pasta in Port Angeles, Washington says his restaurant was immersed with calls last Wednesday night from individuals attempting to vote for their top pick contenders on American Idol

According to the show, watchers across the country cast more than 71 million votes Wednesday night.
The restaurant’s owner, Randy Sexton, said his staff was immersed with calls – ‘a free for all of ring, ring, ring, ring, ring’ – what’s more, replied each one as in the event that it were a customer. He trusts the mess gets settled some time recently next Wednesday’s episode.
A representative for ‘American Idol,’ presently in its 13th season said endeavors were being made to settle the problem.
Remains a mystery: The little pizza shop has had the same telephone number for 50 years. Presently Sexton is constrained to ponder on the off chance that he has three more months of American Icon evenings to bargain with. Wednesday’s disaster had him what’s more, his representatives scrambling to appropriately serve the calls that were as a matter of fact customers

Sexton said a botch may have been made – perhaps a console typo – at the point when voters’ calls were directed through AT&T.
Most of the calls appeared to be from the East Coast, he said.
Sandy Bennett, who set up what’s more, oversees the show’s voting system, did not have an explanation, agreeing to an email she sent to Wave Broadband in an exertion to address the problem.
Bennett is the general director of Los Angeles-based Telescope, ‘a supplier of crowd participation, customer engagement what’s more, social TV solutions,’ concurring to its website.

She recommended blocking out-of-state calls to Gordy’s amid appear nights, subject to Sexton’s approval.
‘The reason of this is to avoid the misdials/routed calls from flooding Mr. Sexton’s lines what’s more, hindering his business while we proceed to work on exploring the cause,’ Bennett said.

Bennett too recommended setting a trap on the line to recognize the number that ‘American Idol’ voters are as a matter of fact dialing.
‘While they say they are calling 855-443-6411, it’s very conceivable it’s something comparative what’s more, is some way or another tied to the pizza company,’ Bennett wrote.
Sexton was not cheerful about the prospect of another night of excited telephone calls from ‘American Idol’ fans. The appear has 12 scenes remaining this season.
‘I have three months of potential challenge in the event that they don’t figure out how to reroute or, on the other hand unroute calls in a extraordinary way,’ he said.
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