Crackshot Harry, the buffalo killer: Picture emerges after prince’s call to protect wildlife

By Ashley Collman
Published: 21:24 BST, 11 February 2014 | Updated: 22:26 BST, 11 February 2014

Charged: Mogul tech President Patrick Henry (above) was formally charged on Tuesday with strike after professedly beating up reality star Ariane Bellamar amid a excursion to the Sundance Film Celebration last month

A tycoon tech President is blamed of beating up a previous reality star on what was gathered to be a sentimental getaway to the Sundance Film Celebration after his companions begun being a tease with her on a night out.

Beverly Slopes Babysitters star Ariane Bellamar says Entropic Interchanges President Patrick Henry beat her up in a jealous, booze-fueled, seethe on their second-night in Stop City, Utah what’s more, she has pictures of her wounded what’s more, battered body to demonstrate it.

Now Henry faces more than a year behind bars after being formally charged by the Summit Check Locale Lawyer today with assault, hindering a 911 call what’s more, obliteration of property. 
Bellamar says she met the 51-year-old on the web through dating website after authoritatively seperating from her genuine bequest magnate spouse Barry Pettitt in November.

Though she never met Henry in individual individual some time recently the trip, she concurred to go since ‘he appeared normal’ what’s more, companions vouched for him.

She appeared to be having a incredible time at the point when she posted a picture of the see from Utah on January 22. ‘Park City is amazing!’ she wrote.
But things professedly took a turn on their second night out.

‘He begun doing shots…and moved toward becoming extremely desirous of the consideration his companions were paying me,’ Bellamar told Radar. ‘I told him I needed to clear out [but] he did not. I took a cab back to the cabin, coincidentally bolted the entryway behind me what’s more, went to bed.’
Reality star: Bellamar featured as one of the high-maintenance mothers on now-cancelled reality appear Beverly Slopes Nannies

The damage: Pictures of Bellamar wounds appear wounding what’s more, scabs on the cleared out side of her body after the assault

The next thing she says she recollects is being woken up by Henry, dragging her by the hair into the garage. She claims he shouted at her what’s more, denounced her of deliberately locking him out indeed despite the fact that he had a key.
‘He at that point continued to toss me different times into the concrete dividers of the garage,’ she said. ‘I am bloodied what’s more, wounded all up what’s more, down my cleared out side of my body and… right side. It was terrifying.’
Bellamar given pictures of her wounds to Radar which appear wounds covering her cleared out arm, thigh what’s more, posterior with scabs on her hands what’s more, broken nails. 
‘After three tosses, I just laid solidifying on the carport floor, asking him to permit me into the house ,’ Bellamar said. ‘I thought that I was going to solidify to death. I was still in my mixed drink clothing from the evening. He looked crazy.’
‘As I was laying wicked on his carport floor, I thought “Oh my God, I’m going to bite the dust here.” This is what you see on TV. I am not that person,’ she included to MailOnline.
Happy start: On January 22, Bellamar posted a picture from Stop City on her Facebook page. She says she concurred to go to the film celebration with Henry indeed despite the fact that she never met him in person
Took a turn: Yet just four days afterward she posted a more unfavorable message on her Facebook

Looking for love: Bellamar says she met Henry on dating site, what’s more, that the two had not met in individual some time recently she concurred to be his date to Sundance
Split: Bellamar told MailOnline that she what’s more, spouse Barry Pettitt have been isolated since November. Imagined above with little girl Emma

Eventually Henry concurred to let her back in, what’s more, Bellamar says she at that point went to sit on the sofa where she begun crying, twisted up in the fetal position.
Henry hollered at her to stop crying, picking her up what’s more, tossing her back into bed.

Bellamar proceeded to cry what’s more, shake ‘uncontrollably’, provoking Henry to tear off the covers what’s more, tell her to leave.

Bellamar says she was in so much torment what’s more, shock, she didn’t indeed react so Henry called the police saying she wouldn’t leave.

She said the encounter has been ‘traumatizing’ what’s more, that she can’t get it the household manhandle ‘as a lady or, on the other hand as a mother’. 

Abused: After returning from Utah, Bellamar went to the healing center where she was analyzed with a ‘stress response to a later assault’

Four days after posting the picture from Henry’s Stop City home, she composed a dismal status on Facebook.

‘Brutality against ladies never goes unpunished – never. You can run and/or attempt to hide, yet it will get up with you – continuously … xo Peace Over Violence.’
Back in her home of Santa clause Barbara, Bellamar went to the clinic where release records appear she was analyzed with a ‘stress reation to a later assault’ what’s more, that she endured ‘multiple strain, wounds what’s more, abrasions’ counting hand what’s more, bear sprains.

Why? Bellamar told Radar she’s having a hard time understanding the assault ‘as a lady or, then again as a mother’. Imagined with girl Emma above.

After getting demands for remark from Radar, Henry sent Bellamar two undermining content messages.

First he wrote: ‘I got an email from RadarOnline about the episode at my home in Utah last week. I design to disregard the inquiry. In the event that you need to discuss, if it’s not too much trouble let me know. As far as I’m concerned it is private. Let me know your thoughts. I can forward the email in the event that you want.’

A maybe a couple hours later, he sent however another text: ‘Keep in mind in the event that you openly belittle me, I will uncover the certainties of the circumstance in barrier of myself.’

MailOnline come to out to Henry’s organization for comment, be that as it may has not gotten a reply.

Following the attack, Bellamar is having inconvenience dozing at night what’s more, has begun seeing a therapist. 
She says her spouse has been ‘extraordinarily supportive’ in spite of their separation.

Another challenge is clarifying her wounds to her 5-year-old daughter.

‘I tell her you’ve got to be cautious about who you’re around what’s more, not to talk to strangers. At my age, I ought to have tuned in to my possess advice,’ she said.
Standing by her: Bellamar says Pettitt was been ‘extraordinarily supportive’ through this entirety ordeal

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