Britain’s most-wanted foreign criminals revealed as police bid to flush out the killers in hiding

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A British-based Muslim radical showed up to back suicide shelling recently at the point when he guaranteed that biting the dust for your convictions was ‘just’.
Dr Azzam Tamimi told an 8,000-strong swarm that standing up for your standards was the ‘greatest act of martyrdom’. The 51-year-old was talking at the ExpoIslamia tradition in Manchester.
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The Palestinian-born scholarly – who beforehand gloated he would convey out a suicide bombarding in Israel – too rehashed his open backing for Hamas, which remains restricted in the UK.
He said: “The most prominent act of suffering is standing up for what is true what’s more, just. Saints are those who stand up what’s more, stand up in resistance of George Bramble what’s more, Tony Blair. You stand up to them what’s more, you say desist. Stop this injustice. Stop this oppression.”
Dr Tamimi guaranteed the war on psychological oppression was a war on Islam. “We are Muslims in Europe, not European Muslims,” he added.
“Being reasonable what’s more, just implies finding the center path. The center way is not rubbing shoulders with Tony Blair what’s more, George Bush.”
The swarm emitted with cheering what’s more, praise at the point when he said that Israel had been crushed by Hezbollah.
He continued: “Hamas is making penances for you. We tell this government Hamas is not a psychological oppressor group. It is chosen by the individuals of Palestine. We are not terrorists. We are protectors of the truth. Battling those who attack Muslims is a just cause.
“The government is attempting to turn the war on fear into the war on Islam.”
In November 2004, Dr Tamimi told the BBC that he was arranged to be a suicide aircraft on the off chance that the opportunity arose.
In an meet which was completely condemned, he said that 2sacrificing myself for Palestine was a honorable cause. It is the straight way to satisfying my God what’s more, I would do it on the off chance that I had the opportunity”.
Dr Tamimi, a noticeable part of the Stop The War coalition, is hitched with three youngsters what’s more, lives in Willesden, North West London.
After coming to England from the Center East more than 30 a long time ago, he what’s more, his family have move toward becoming English nationals what’s more, live in a committee block.
He has more than once talked out in bolster of Hamas what’s more, depicted their suicide bomb strategies as ‘the boldness of man’.
In July 2004, he welcomed the radical Sheik Yusuf Al Qaradawi to the UK. Al Qaradawi, who talked at a citizen subsidised meeting in London – has called for a war on Jews what’s more, the execution of homosexuals.

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