Emperor Blair’s loss of reality is now total

Last refreshed at 22:00 03 October 2006
It was gathered to be an blameless fall activity.
But at the point when Kiya Jayne what’s more, three companions set out to gather conkers they found themselves requested to stop by police, who appropriated the pull what’s more, given them official stop what’s more, look forms.
The sudden end to what ought to have been a cheerful evening came after the young men chosen to play by a horsechestnut tree while their guardians assembled for a birthday festivity nearby.
They had gathered about a entirety bearer pack of sparkly red conkers from the tree in Littlehampton, West Sussex, at the point when a lady police officer arrived what’s more, quickly brought the fun to an end.
The young men mums were shocked at the point when their youngsters showed up bearing four slips of paper, clarifying that they had been halted what’s more, searched.
Last night mother-of-two Diana Jayne, 41, said she could not accept what had happened.
“When the young men came back they had these tickets from the police. It was completely ridiculous. My son’s said he had been pulling branches what’s more, gathering conkers from private property, which it presently appears isn’t true.
“It’s all a bit silly. He’s as it were seven what’s more, I empower him to go blackberry picking what’s more, conker picking. I utilized to gather conkers at the point when I was little – I would have been up there in the tree shaking the branches.”
The mother, who works as a repair specialist what’s more, administrator, said she returned to the tree with her child the next day what’s more, was once more astounded at the point when the same police officer appeared, guaranteeing that there was a conservation arrange on the tree which implied indeed the chamber required authorization to cut it.
However, a representative for Arun Region Committee said that while the 60-year-old tree was in a protection area, be that as it may had no conservation arrange on it what’s more, was not on private property.
“This ought to have been dealt with differently,” said Mrs Jayne. “Kiya doesn’t truly accept the police anymore. He’s at a powerless age what’s more, I don’t need him to do things he shouldn’t be doing Or maybe than just conkering, individuals have been doing it for years.”
Fellow mother Rebecca Richardson, 36, said her child Charlie, 11, was frightened by the experience with police.
“They are little boys, on the off chance that they need to gather conkers once more this end of the week at that point that’s fine. It’s not as in the event that they were crushing up autos what’s more, robbing old people. They were just gathering conkers.”
A representative for Sussex Police said they had reacted to calls from individuals of the public, concerned that the young men were attempting to thump down conkers from the road.
“Officers were allocated to bargain with the security issue of the youngsters playing in the road,” he said. “The youngsters were exhorted to not play in the road, yet to play in a more secure area in the close-by stop or, on the other hand at home.”
A sack of about 100 conkers were confiscated. “In consistence with existing legislation, at the point when any individual is halted by police what’s more, inquired to account for their nearness or, on the other hand activities in a given location, the officers issued stop shapes to the children, clarifying why they were talked to,” he said.
It’s not the to begin with time conkers have been the subject of killjoys. The innocuous play area conker challenge has been restricted by a few schools, refering to wellbeing what’s more, security fears.
And last month a headteacher in Scotland restricted conkers, saying they could trigger nut allergies.

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