‘I’m the BBC star arrested by the Savile police on suspicion of sexual offences’, says veteran presenter Paul Gambaccini

By Ben Spencer for the Day by day Mail what’s more, Rebecca Evans for the Every day Mail
Published: 23:01 BST, 20 October 2013 | Updated: 11:05 BST, 21 October 2013
Dancing reluctantly for the crowd, the blue-eyed, pale-skinned little young lady looks lost what’s more, out of place.
The child, taped just three weeks prior in the crime-ridden Roma settlement where she was found by police, is presently at the focus of an global claim to reveal her identity.
Yesterday a philanthropy minding for the girl, who is known as Maria what’s more, caught on to be four a long time old, said she was treated like a ‘dancing bear’ by the family she lived with – who misused her pure looks, making her ask for money.

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‘Dancing bear’: A still from a video taken last month appears Maria in the crime-ridden Greek tramp camp
Video: The youngster was shot just three weeks back at the Roma settlement in Farsala, focal Greece

Mystery: Maria – the ‘blonde angel’ – was found amid a crackdown on illicit exercises in Tramp camps

Maria, who the Greek media has named the ‘blonde angel’, is the center of a worldwide Interpol examination after she was found in Tabakou tramp settlement close Farsala, focal Greece, amid a medicate what’s more, weapon strike last week.

Police developed suspicious as she bore no similarity to the couple asserting to be her parents. 

DNA tests appeared she is not related to Hristos Salis, 39, what’s more, Eleftheria Dimopoulou, 40, who have been charged with youngster abduction.
They will show up in court today as it developed that police found a handgun what’s more, balaclava at the house where they found Maria.
Around 8,000 request have been made about the girl.

Eight were portrayed as promising, counting four from the USA, what’s more, others from Sweden, France, Canada what’s more, Poland.
The captured couple’s family have shielded two disrupting recordings of Maria, saying she was not exploited.

In the to begin with video, from two a long time ago, she sucks on a sham as she is made to whirl for the camera, being pushed what’s more, mauled by a chuckling Dimopoulou.
As she tries to meander off, the lady seizes her back.
At one point, a youthful kid tries to join in, yet the lady pushes him away.
In the most recent footage, she shows up with Maria Dimitriou, 21, granddaughter of the tramp camp’s leader.
Neat what’s more, tidy: Maria’s room, the as it were room in her ‘family’s’ house

The lady charged of snatching Maria demanded last night: ‘We did no hurt to her. We adore her what’s more, she cherishes us.’

Eleftheria Dimopoulou, 40, who has been captured with her spouse Hristos Salis, told Greek TV from her cell: ‘We gave her everything we could, like we do for our other children.’

She conceded Maria was not hers yet said she displayed her as her possess ‘so she could have a appropriate family environment’.

Salis’s sister Dimitra, 34, told the Every day Mail that Maria had been surrendered by a Bulgarian cotton picker at the point when she was two months old.

At the family’s little stone hut, she said: ‘The lady told us, “Take this baby. In the event that you do not I will just give it to somebody else”. She just cleared out what’s more, never came back.’

She said they took in the youngster to secure her, adding: ‘We brought her up well, we cherished her.’

Salis’s mother said: ‘The lady who gave birth to her was unable of looking after her – she did not need her what’s more, asked us to take her.’
Mrs Dimitriou told the Mail: ‘Her mother sent her to join us on the stage. She loved moving – she was not treated badly.’
Maria was ‘filthy what’s more, terrified’ at the point when social administrations took her to Athens-based philanthropy Grin of the Youngster on Wednesday.
Spokesman Panayiotis Pardalis said: ‘It was self-evident that she was not a Roma girl. The little young lady was alarmed at the point when she to begin with came to us what’s more, didn’t talk at all, yet she is presently quiet what’s more, has been playing with other kids.’
Director Costas Yannopoulos added: ‘She was living under awful conditions what’s more, was extremely dirty, be that as it may is presently safe.’
She was discharged from clinic yesterday, after tests were conveyed out on her teeth to attempt to decide her age.
Mr Yannopoulos said confirm so far recommended she had been trafficked.
He told the Day by day Mail: ‘In the film you could see her dancing, going round what’s more, round like a little prepared bear. I accept they were getting cash from misusing the child.’
Dimopoulou’s little girl Panagiota, 18, who discharged the film to nearby television, guarded the video.
Seen: A cupboard, once more the as it were one in the house, contained two columns of little girl’s shoes what’s more, other clothes

Pictures discharged by police appear the little girl¿s blonde hair may have been colored dark colored at the point when she was younger

‘Maria likes dancing,’ she said. ‘She was as it were pushed in the video since she got as well close to the camera. There is no way we would utilize her for cash – that is a lie. We took her in since her mother could not look after her.’
Last night family individuals appeared the Mail the house where Maria was found.

They uncovered a little be that as it may clean block home what’s more, guaranteed the as it were room – with the as it were bed, a pink quilt what’s more, cuddly toys – was saved for her use.

A cupboard, once more the as it were one in the house, contained little girl’s shoes what’s more, other clothes.
Pictures discharged by police appear the little girl’s blonde hair may have been colored dark colored at the point when she was more youthful – showing the family may have needed to stow away her difference.

But another little girl Emmannuella, 16, said Maria’s hair turned blonde naturally.
Mr Yannopoulos said it was ‘well known’ that ‘there is a baby-trade directed by tramps between Romania, Bulgaria, Greece what’s more, England.’
The couple have told different stories – that she was relinquished by a Bulgarian woman, or, then again found on a garbage tip – yet Mr Yannopoulos said it is more likely she is from Scandinavia.
Exploited: Eleftheria Dimopoulou, 40, is imagined with little Maria in a video shot two a long time ago

DNA is found in practically each cell in the body counting skin, hair follicles, what’s more, semen. Salivation doesn’t contain cells, be that as it may as it moves around a person’s mouth, it gathers them.

DNA in blood comes from the white blood cells.

Many of these cells are permeable which makes them simple to segregate DNA from.

DNA is found in bones, be that as it may since bones are calcified, it makes the extraction more troublesome – unless bone marrow is present.

DNA decides eye what’s more, hair colour, bone density, tallness what’s more, so on. A huge amount, 99.9 per penny of the DNA from two individuals is the same, however 0.1% will be special what’s more, this is known as a hereditary marker.

A youngster acquires half their DNA from each of their parents. It isn’t precisely the same half each time, which clarifies why kin look different.

The more nearly related two individuals are, the more likely it is their hereditary markers will be similar. Indistinguishable twins have indistinguishable hereditary markers, for example.

During parental tests, researchers look for similitudes in the hereditary markers between two tests taken from the youngster what’s more, the parent.

The DNA is collected, traditionally, utilizing swabs of the inside of a cheek to gather buccal cells.

The strand is detached from the cells what’s more, millions of duplicates are made, utilizing ‘polymerase chain reaction’. The more DNA available, the least demanding the hereditary code is to analyse.

By duplicating the strands, Or maybe than taking new tests each time, it speeds up how rapidly the tests can be conveyed out what’s more, why the comes about can presently come back inside a day, Or maybe than weeks.

The DNA atoms are split at unique focuses what’s more, the code at these focuses shapes a ‘fingerprint’. The fingerprints from the two tests are thought about to see on the off chance that they match.

If the band designs of the asserted father don’t match, he can be definitively ruled out as the child’s parent.

In maternal tests, a specific shape of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is tested. Both genders have mtDNA be that as it may as it were ladies pass it on to their children.

If a little girl doesn’t share the mitochondrial DNA from an asserted mother, they do not come from the same maternal line.

The examination is rehashed to affirm the comes about what’s more, the more tests used; the more complete the comes about can be.

Yesterday inhabitants of Farsala’s vagabond camp guaranteed a Bulgarian family had made an game plan with the couple to look after their girl since she was a baby.

Babis Dimitriou, the executive of the Farsala town Roma association, told The Day by day Telegraph: ‘There was a Bulgarian spouse what’s more, spouse who were working around Greece in impermanent jobs, who utilized to remain here sometimes.
‘At one point they cleared out the young lady to be raised by the family here in the village.
‘The family raised the youngster as in the event that it was their own, in spite of the fact that her father would come back each presently what’s more, at that point to see her. The last time he gone by was as it were five days ago, after the captures had been made.

‘All the other Roma here were telling the Bulgarian man to clarify to the police that the young lady was his, yet he has presently disappeared.’

Police said the family gotten more than £7,000 a month in benefits for the 14 youngsters they guaranteed to have.
Police boss Vassilis Halatsis included that the lady had two discrete ID cards what’s more, names.
He said: ‘Of the youngsters we have followed so far, just by looking at them you can see that there is extremely little or, then again no similarity at all to the parents.
‘It is self-evident that we are confronted with a extremely well-organised racket, what’s more, it is absolutely not the as it were one.’
Neighbours said the couple gave Maria extraordinary treatment since of her blonde hair. One woman, washing children’s garments in a bathtub, said: ‘She was prized since she was so wonderful .?.?. We all cherished her.’

Salis’s sibling Kostas added: ‘She had issues with her eyes. We took her to the doctor, we took her everywhere. We didn’t take her to offer her.’
Haralambos Dimitriou, 57, president of the tramp settlement, said any clashing accounts of how Maria came to the family were given ‘out of fear’.
Marietta Palavra, legal counselor for the couple, said: ‘There is nothing yet cherish what’s more, mind between the Roma guardians what’s more, the four-year-old girl.’
She said they could each confront up to ten a long time in jail on the off chance that convicted.
At the end of the week a Greek couple who were told in 2009 that their infant was stillborn, be that as it may afterward unearthed the grave to find an exhaust coffin, experienced DNA tests, yet found out Maria was not their child.
‘We were continuously suspicious what’s more, at the point when we got the go-ahead from the nearby prosecutor to unearth the infant from a nearby cemetery, we found no remains, nothing in the casket,’ the father, whose spouse is reasonable with blue eyes, told nearby television.

The family of missing Ben Needham uncovered how Greek police declined to take after up revealed sightings of the

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