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Published: 06:30 BST, 16 May 2014 | Updated: 09:48 BST, 16 May 2014
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Former Hello Dad! star Robert Hughes, imagined in 2013, was condemned to a most extreme 10 a long time nine months in imprison in Sydney on Friday

Former Hello Dad! star Robert Hughes will spend at minimum the next six a long time in jail after a Sydney judge condemned him to a most extreme 10 a long time nine months with a non parole period of six years.

The 65-year-old performing artist was condemned on Friday after being indicted of 10 youngster sex offences, conferred between 1983 what’s more, 1991.

Before a stuffed exhibition at the Sydney Region Court, Judge Dwindle Zahra said Hughes had not communicated remorse.

‘His direct proceeded over 20 years. [Even] after he was addressed by police in 1986 it continued,’ he said.
‘The guilty party took advantage of at the point when he was with casualties in social settings in his home or, then again at victims’ homes.
‘He needs understanding into his insulting what’s more, he is impossible to get to treatment programs.’
Child star Sarah Monahan has responded to the news by saying she is ‘happy’ what’s more, that she trusts Hughes presently ‘realises he;s a awful man’

Judge Zahra said he had considered the ‘substantial effect’ of Hughes lead on his casualties who presently endured from consistent fear, eating disarranges what’s more, who needed the capacity to lead ordinary lives.

He included that Hughes took advantage of his little girl Jessica’s relationship with female children.
‘The offender’s direct was industrious what’s more, he abused the naivety what’s more, youth of the youngsters involved,’ he said.
Judge Zahra said he was required to sentence Hughes concurring to ‘sentencing patterns’ at his time of affronting in the 1980s what’s more, 1990s, at the point when sentences were much lighter.

He included that Hughes must have developed more certain as the a long time went by of his casualties never coming forward.

The van conveying Robert Hughes clears out the Bringing down Focus Court in Sydney on Friday

‘He’s a very, exceptionally awful man’: Sarah Monahan (centre, front, imagined with Robert Hughes what’s more, the Hello Dad! cast) said individuals thought [the victims]were doing it for money, exposure or, on the other hand a few obscure reason. Presently everyone gets it we weren’t making it up’

Robert Hughes’ legal counselor Greg Walsh said the previous on-screen character was in risk in jail from other prisoners who had debilitated him.
Prison experts have declined Mr Walsh’s ask Hughes be isolated totally from other criminals.

Judge Zahra said in the hearing Hughes’ accomplice Robyn Gardiner said he had been mishandled by individual detainees in imprison what’s more, dreaded for his safety.
Ms Gardiner said Hughes was ‘very startled by the dangers he had received’ in jail what’s more, was at ‘significant risk’.

Judge Zahra inquired Hughes to stand as he was sentenced.
The previous on-screen character stood up, fastened his coat what’s more, remained detached as the judge read out the sentence.
In court Judge Zahra managed with each offence, relating to young ladies matured between seven what’s more, 15, one by one.
He said the to begin with victim, JP, was the little girl of family companions of Robert Hughes, his spouse Robyn Gardiner what’s more, their little girl Jessica.
Hughes had rubbed her bosom a few times, rubbed around her vagina what’s more, swam exposed in her family swimming pool.
Judge Zahra said kids were entitled to develop up free from savage conduct.
Sarah Monahan told Radio 2GB she was ‘happy that all the young ladies have been believed’.
One of Hughes’ casualties (left) what’s more, her father (right) clear out court hand-in-hand on Friday
Predator on the set: Judge Dwindle Zahra told today’s condemning that Robert Hughes meandered exposed among Hello Father cast individuals (above) what’s more, that he put his hand on the base of youngster star Sarah Monahan (right), uncovered his penis to her what’s more, after one scene snatched what’s more, touched her personally while imagining to tickle her

‘It’s a great day,’ she said. ‘I’m not a vindictive person, yet I do trust he figures it out he’s a very, extremely terrible man.
Hughes’ lawyer, Greg Walsh, said outside the court hearing the previous on-screen character was ‘devastated’ by his sentence.
Mr Walsh said he had gone to Hughes in the cells beneath the Bringing down Focus Court promptly after the sentence was passed what’s more, the previous on-screen character was ‘very disturb what’s more, in a state of shock’ at the ‘very serious sentence’.
Status: Robert Hughes has just move toward becoming one of the most censured what’s more, risky individuals in the State’s jail system: a condemned youngster sex guilty party with an to a great degree high profile.
Home: Hughes will be moved to another prison, yet for the minute he will spend 17 hours a day in a six by four meter cell in a assurance case of NSW’s biggest prison, the 1000 prisoner Metropolitan Remand what’s more, Gathering Focus in Sydney’s west.

Welcome: After taking off court in cuffs what’s more, carried by jail van back to jail, Hughes will be strip searched, what’s more, escorted to his cell likely to the sound of detainees hollering out what’s more, insulting him about Television scope of his case.
Safety: Being one of the ‘lowest of the low’ in jail, Hughes will likely be housed among other paedophiles to limit the chance of strike or, on the other hand kill by an detainee equipped with a imprison made cut or, on the other hand ‘shiv’

Food: Supper will be served to Hughes at 3.30pm in his cell what’s more, can be a low fat, low salt what’s more, for the most part dull dish ‘chicken casserole’,a curry or, then again lasagne.

Work: For $60 a week in his jail account, Hughes may get the possibility to work with other sex guilty parties making sheets, shades or, on the other hand memorial service shrouds.

Hughes’ VIP operator spouse Robyn Gardiner was not exhibit in court.

Mr Walsh said Ms Gardiner was back the UK what’s more, he had called her to tell her the news what’s more, she what’s more, little girl Jessica were both ‘devastated’.
He said Ms Gardiner ‘loves’ Hughes what’s more, the reason she had not gone to his condemning was ‘she required a break’.
He said Ms Gardiner ‘has been under an massive sum of pressure’ what’s more, that not being here ‘doesn’t mean an particle she doesn’t cherish Robert’.
‘They have been under virtual house arrest’ since Hughes was charged, Mr Walsh said.
He said it was a ‘crushing sentence’.
‘For somebody like Mr Hughes who’s 65 a long time of age, this is devastating.’
He said Ms Gardiner would come to Australia to visit Hughes in jail.

Two of Hughes’ casualties cleared out the court house with family individuals yet declined to remark on the sentence.

Before the condemning hearing started Robert Hughes entered the dock wearing a dull dim suit, white shirt what’s more, maroon tie
He looked pale what’s more, his hair was slicked down.
He mouthed ‘Hello’ at his lawful group what’s more, sat with his arms folded.
In condemning entries two weeks ago, a victim’s explanation read out by the woman’s father said, ‘I was sexually manhandled by Robert Hughes in his home, while in his care, various times some time recently I was eight-years-old.’

Client devastated: Robert Hughes’ legal advisor Greg Walsh clears out Bringing down Focus Court in Sydney on Friday

Family devastated: Hughes’ spouse Robyn Gardiner (left) what’s more, little girl Jessica Hughes (right), seen taking off a Sydney court in Walk with Hughes, are in the UK what’s more, ‘devastated’ at his sentence

Hughes, imagined arriving at Bringing down Focus Nearby Court in March, was indicted of 10 youngster sex offenses conferred between 1983 what’s more, 1991

‘I will never know what my life would be like, how I would see the world, or, on the other hand who I would move toward becoming as a person.

‘I have never really felt safe ever again. As a youngster I never needed Santa clause to come into my room at night to take off me presents.’
The casualty articulation of Sarah Monahan, a youngster star of Hello Dad! who presently lives in America, uncovered the she may never be capable to return to Australia as a result of the manhandle she endured at Hughes’ hands decades ago.
‘I have come to loathe the word dad,’ her articulation read.

Hey Dad! cast individuals (clockwise from left) Christopher Truswell, Julie McGregor, Paul Smith, Sarah Monahan, Robert Hughes what’s more, Simone Buchanan

Hughes, 65, was found liable on April 5 of 10 youngster sex offences.
He was indicted on ten of 11 youngster sex charges, with the jury being released after not being capable to reach a dominant part decision on the 11th charge.

The trial took practically six weeks to come to a verdict, with Hughes arguing not liable to all 11 charges against him as to profane what’s more, sexual assault.

The court heard declarations from previous youth companions of Hughes’ daughter, Jessica Hughes, who gave confirm in bolster of her father at the trial.
Two ladies said Hughes had entered their rooms exposed amid sleepovers with his daughter, what’s more, uncovered himself or, on the other hand sexually ambushed them as they lay in bed.

Robert Hughes in Hello Dad!: Amid his trial for youngster sex offenses against the youngsters of family companions what’s more, a Hello Dad! cast member, the court heard from a number of Hughes’ previous associates who blamed the previous star of over and again uncovering himself

Another lady reviewed a trip to Masculine in which Mr Hughes uncovered himself to her while driving her to swim between his legs what’s more, catching her there.
Former associates who worked on set with the previous Hello Dad! star moreover gave confirm at the trial, affirming that Hughes would over and again uncover himself.

Hughes denied all the allegations.
The court procedures took put in Sydney after Hughes was captured what’s more, removed from London after a two-year police examination into the accusations.
Sarah Monahan beforehand said she ‘got away light’ thought about to her on-screen father Robert Hughes’ other casualties – yet was mitigated what’s more, vindicated by his liable verdict.

The essential cast individuals of Television sitcom Hello Dad! showed up on A Current Undertaking in early April, following Hughes being sentenced of youngster sex offences.
Monahan, who was six a long time old at the point when she joined the appear in 1987, to begin with went open with her story of manhandle four a long time prior in a Woman’s Day article in Walk 2010. She went on to rehash charges on A Current Affair, that she was mishandled while on the set of Hello Dad! by Hughes.
The on-screen character said Hughes’ blameworthy decision of 10 offenses relating to the sexual what’s more, disgusting attack of youthful young ladies in the ’80s what’s more, ’90s ‘vindicated’ her.

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