From ashes to glasses

By Charge MOULAND, Day by day Mail
Last refreshed at 09:38 09 February 2006
The grey-flecked red what’s more, blue china in Wendy Redmore’s office tends to draw in as it were respecting glances.
Until she clarifies how the impact has been created. “Those,” she says, “are my mother’s ashes.”
While a few may pull back at the thought of a cherished one getting to be part of a vase, paperweight, brooch, pendant jewelry or, on the other hand engage bracelet, Miss Redmore, 51, is arranging to make a living from the dead.
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The thought was conceived at the point when her mother Winnie passed on matured 83 in October 2003 what’s more, her fiery debris came home from the crematorium in “a revolting green plastic container”.
Anxious to make a more fitting memorial, she to begin with inquired a glass blower close her home in Moorlinch, Somerset, to make a elegant urn. “But then,” she added, “we came up with the thought of as a matter of fact embodying the remains in the glass.”
Now she is operations chief of the newly-formed Winnie Glass Company, finish with catalogue, arrange book what’s more, website, after convincing the worldrenowned Dartington Precious stone industrial facility at Totnes in South Devon to make commissions for other lamenting families. Her child Kris Farndell, 26, is showcasing manager.
For £275 or, on the other hand £399, grievers get a 7 1 /2in or, on the other hand 12in dedication vase in “a exemplary decreasing outline in which the graduation of shading shows the fiery debris to splendid effect”. It is £220 for a pendant neckband in sterling silver, £435 for the same thing in ninecarat gold what’s more, £545 for a nine-carat gold clasp in which “the fiery debris are intertwined into clear glass to move toward becoming the centrepiece”.
Pet memorials

The organization offers a comparative benefit for pet proprietors on edge to keep a important commemoration on the mantelpiece.
Divorcee Miss Redmore, who utilized to be a hairdresser, said: “Dartington Precious stone were clearly bewildered at first, be that as it may appeared sharp after we clarified the process.
“We had brought a few of my mother’s fiery debris what’s more, they went on to create the glass themselves. From my mother’s fiery debris we went on to make a necklace, three vases, three paperweights, a coxcomb ornament what’s more, a wristband charm. Instead of a ghastly plastic pot for her ashes, we have made something tasteful.”
Miss Redmore has presently licensed the process – which includes glass blowers including fiery debris to the liquid glass as they make it – since she is stressed it will get into the off-base hands what’s more, move toward becoming tacky.
She said: “I have worn the pendant what’s more, the ornament what’s more, it’s like having my mother with me. I feel she’s still sharing in my life. A few individuals may find the thought macabre, yet I draw comfort from it. What we are doing is completely special what’s more, it’s not spooky for others, not at all like conventional urns. I see it as a way to live in the future without overlooking the past. I’m beyond any doubt my mother would have cherished the idea.
“The last of 13 children, she was to a great degree hard-working what’s more, she would have been charmed what’s more, glad that her demise has as a matter of fact made a difference other people.
“My dad, Ernest, kicked the bucket at the point when I was 16 what’s more, is covered in Devon. In the event that I need to visit his grave, I have to drive 100 miles. The entirety thought of this new business is that you can as a matter of fact take your cherished ones with you.”

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