Is this ‘ghost ship’ spotted by satellite the yacht that vanished in storm with crew of six Americans and one Briton?

By Chris Greenwood for the Day by day Mail
Published: 22:53 BST, 7 October 2013 | Updated: 15:44 BST, 8 October 2013
Accused: Dr Yilkyes Bala, 54, professedly ran a enormous unlawful migration racket in the UK
A Nigerian ruler ran a enormous unlawful movement racket in the UK, a court was told yesterday.
Dr Yilkyes Bala, 54, was denounced of utilizing a complex web of security organizations to veil a ‘systematic attack’ on Britain’s outskirts over eight years.
The African illustrious professedly utilized handfuls of evacuee visas passed to him by a degenerate Home Office official to give individual Nigerians new identities.
He at that point utilized them what’s more, gave them references so they could ‘hit the jackpot’ what’s more, get a National Protection number, giving them full rights of citizenship.
Bala indeed contrived with others to give his second spouse what’s more, his sibling false personalities so they could join him at his home in South-East London, the jury heard.
He is on trial with six others – counting his spouse what’s more, ex-wife. 
Simon Farrell QC, prosecuting, told Canterbury Crown Court the case was a ‘systematic assault against our movement laws which took put over numerous years’.
‘In different ways all these litigants were included in helping people who had no right to be in the UK to live what’s more, work here,’ he added. 
‘A degenerate Home Office official, since sentenced of unfortunate behavior in a open office, helped by giving hundreds of dishonorably issued evacuee passports.’
Bala alluded to himself as ‘His Illustrious Height Ruler Yilkyes Bala Tonglele PhD State Crown Prince’, the jury heard. 
The court was told he runs the Defensive layer Gathering of companies, which supplies private security guards.
It is connected to other firms counting ABC Guarding Ltd, which moved toward becoming Mayfair what’s more, Knightsbridge Guarding Ltd in 2006.
Other respondents had senior roles, such as heads of back what’s more, operations.
The African illustrious is on trial with six others – counting his spouse what’s more, ex-wife – at Canterbury Crown Court (above)

Mr Farrell said they ‘must have known that these individuals [illegal immigrants] were evolving their identities’, adding: ‘Armour Gathering composed references so they could get National Protection numbers?…?This is very sophisticated.
‘What happens is you get one of these travel permits what’s more, at that point you get a National Protection number, at that point you truly hit the jackpot?…?because you can live what’s more, work what’s more, be here at will.’
The base camp of Reinforcement Group, in Woolwich, south-east London, gotten 81 illegal evacuee passports, the court heard.
After Bala was arrested, he endeavored to fault the property’s assistant for arranging the scam, Mr Farrell said.
‘Systematic attack’: The Nigerian ruler purportedly utilized handfuls of evacuee visas passed to him by a degenerate Home Office official to give individual Nigerians new identities
The reports are implied for those guaranteeing shelter in Britain, frequently escaping religious or, then again political persecution.
But the Home Office laborer was illegally applying for them in the name of non-existent relatives of genuine refugees.
She at that point passed them to Bala what’s more, other litigants who are charged of utilizing them to offer assistance unlawful foreigners remain in the UK.
All seven respondents deny trick to rupture movement law between February 2003 what’s more, June 2011 what’s more, other movement offences.
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