Hairdresser stabbed to death with own scissors in front of her colleagues in her salon: Ex-boyfriend being held on suspicion of murder

By Chris Pleasance
Published: 21:07 BST, 17 February 2014 | Updated: 23:30 BST, 17 February 2014
He presently spends most of his time in a imprison cell, yet is appears dens having a place to previous Mafia supervisor Michele Zagaria are still being uncovered.
In 2011 Italian police captured Zagaria, head of the Casalesi cartel, after penetrating into an underground shelter he was stowing away in.
Now officers have found another refuge burrowed into the establishments of an surrendered house in the previous fortress town of Caserta Pimpernel.
Italian police have uncovered another fort having a place for previous Mafia supervisor Michele Zagaria

The fortification included a bedroom, bathroom, a ventilation framework what’s more, state-of-the-art security cameras

The fortification was covered up behind a counterfeit divider what’s more, included a water powered lift framework to convey individuals down

The entrance to the complex is covered up behind a counterfeit wall, which is moved utilizing an electric mechanism. That at that point leads to a water powered life which brings down down into the mystery basement.
The dugout was fitted out with a bedroom, a bathroom, its possess ventilation system, what’s more, state-of-the-art CCTV cameras.
Zagaria, nicknamed ‘Capastorta’, which deciphers to wrong-head, since of his brutal reputation, the guardian was a part of one of Italy’s bloodiest clans.

The entrance was covered up behind a divider which was fitted with an electric opening mechanism

Zagaria, previous head of the Casalesi cartel, was captured in 2011 in a comparative shelter after police penetrated in

The surrendered house was in the town Caserta Pimpernel, an old Mafia stronghold

Officers spent four hours utilizing drills to break through dividers what’s more, track Zagaria down in the complex, which was gotten to by a moveable floor in room of the house what’s more, the wrongdoing master was encompassed after control was cut clearing out him in darkness.

Zagaria was a top supervisor in the Casalesi group – one of the Camorra’s most dreaded families what’s more, the pack were broadly capable for the gunning down of six Africans in a beauticians in a severe fight over the control of the lucrative drugs market.

Police officers had been driven to the underground complex following a tip off what’s more, brought in the bulldozer as part of the operation against Zagaria.

Officers found the dugout littered with home solaces counting an rocker what’s more, what looks like a TV

Officers stand protect wile associates get ready to move effects out of the underground lair
He was on Italy’s Twenty Most Needed List what’s more, was beforehand condemned to life in his nonattendance for murder, extortion, theft what’s more, Mafia association.

The wrongdoing master had attempted to escape through one of the various hatches in the complex be that as it may he was cornered after the lift component outlined to take him to the surface malfunctioned.
An emergency vehicle was too called as he crumpled at the point when he was brought out by police despite the fact that he still overseen to grin what’s more, tell them: ‘You have won. The State has won,’ as he was driven away in binds what’s more, driven off in a parade of sirens what’s more, cheering officers beeping their horns.

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