Heartache of the wife dumped by our man in Kabul: Envoy ‘has baby with lover’

By Chris Slack
Updated: 23:29 BST, 24 January 2012
Three asserted fraudsters have been gotten after utilizing the Costa Concordia calamity to attempt what’s more, counterfeit the demise of a woman.
Police in Hungary captured the trio after New York legal counselor Dwindle Ronai identified the trick as he spoken to the six Hungarian survivors from the disaster.
The endeavored extortion was spotted at the point when Ronai, who was in Budapest, was inquired to take on a seventh case from the disaster.
Scam: A gathering of Hungarian fraudsters have attempted to utilize the Costa Concordia catastrophe to counterfeit the demise of a lady in arrange to get compensation
He supposedly gotten an email from a lady that said her daughter, named as Eva Fiedlerne Puspoki, 38, what’s more, five-year-old granddaughter were missing on board the ship.
Ronai was told by the lady that she had no thought why the match were on board what’s more, that he ought to talk to her daughter’s boyfriend.

The legal counselor at that point addressed the beau what’s more, he authenticated the story, be that as it may he too inquired how much they could get in compensation.
Investigation: New York legal advisor Dwindle Ronai, who is managing with six Hungarian survivors, was key to the fraudsters being gotten out
However the following day the man changed his story, saying the youngster was not missing, what’s more, from there it started to unravel.
‘The story kept evolving what’s more, changing,’ Ronai told ABC News, affirming that he suspicious developed as it did so.
He told the man that in the event that he did not see the youngster he would report her missing to authorities, so afterward that evening he, what’s more, a police team, met the man, nearby the child.
She was asked: ‘When was the last time you saw Mummy?’ Her answer was: ‘today’ what’s more, that she had been to stop to play on the swings.
Ronai rehashed the question for affirmation what’s more, the young lady replied:’I saw her today. I saw Mummy today.’
The ‘missing’ lady at that point showed up yet proceeded to say she had been on the deliver – yet was harmed as she hopped off the boat.
The legal counselor included to the news channel: ‘They admitted to everything after questioning. They admitted to pulling this trick to make money.
‘The police captured them. They didn’t take them away to jail, yet they’ll confront criminal procedures.’
Ronai included that he accepted that this could be to start with case of numerous of individuals attempting to make cash from the disaster.
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