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By Christian Gysin for the Every day Mail
Published: 22:52 BST, 9 April 2014 | Updated: 08:44 BST, 10 April 2014
Shot dead: Edgar Shoot was gunned down in front of his family at the point when he attempted to protest with three veiled what’s more, gun-toting intruder
A kid of 13 observed his English father drain to passing in an equipped strike on their extravagance family home in the Bahamas.
Edgar Dart, 56, was gunned down in front of his family at the point when he attempted to protest with three conceal what’s more, gun-toting intruders. 
The posse were debilitating his adolescent child George what’s more, five relatives after blasting into the sprawling property at 7am on Tuesday.
As Mr Shoot lay passing on on the floor, the executioners tied the rest of the family up what’s more, stripped the house some time recently escaping with money what’s more, jewellery. 
Mr Dart’s brother-in-law Philip Poole said his claim son, Pip, 29, was too assaulted what’s more, endured blade wounds.
He added: ‘Edgar was a extreme fellow what’s more, as before long as the men burst into the house he opposed with them. One of the plunderers at that point shot him in the chest.
‘The pack at that point tied everybody up, counting his mother Delight what’s more, George. I have been told they were constrained to look on weakly as Edgar lay on the floor dying to passing in front of them. 
‘It took him around an hour to pass on what’s more, there was just nothing they could do for him.
‘The posse just stripped the house taking cash what’s more, gems what’s more, at that point left. We just can’t accept what has happened.
‘It is so troublesome being so numerous miles away at the point when family individuals have been included in something as horrendous as this.

‘The police report on the murdering is extremely scant. Wrongdoing is on the increment on the island what’s more, they do not need such matters revealed since they fear it will harm the vacationer industry.’
The house close the city of Freeport has a place to Joy, who is a 79-year-old widow.

Murder scene: The Shoot family home on the island of Great Bahama where Edgar Dash was shot

Her other child Colin, 55, his spouse Alison what’s more, their 15-year-old child Luke moreover seen the murder.

Mr Poole, from Canterbury, added: ‘I do know that Alison overseen to at last free herself what’s more, raise the alert yet by at that point it was as well late for Edgar who had drained to death. 
‘The most exceedingly bad picture we have from this disaster is George bound what’s more, choked observing his father bite the dust – what’s more, there was nothing he could do to offer assistance him.’
Joy moved to Fabulous Bahama in 1996 what’s more, fabricated a house on the island with her spouse Colin, who passed on of disease in December.
George Shoot shot in 2006 was tied up as his father Edgar was shot dead

Mr Dart’s 57-year-old sister, Virginia Redfern, who possesses a inn in Exminster, Devon, plans to fly out to offer assistance comfort family members.

Born in Devon, Mr Shoot had a cultivate in Topsham close Exeter some time recently emigrating to Canada 16 a long time ago. 
The divorced person took up farming once more in Winnipeg what’s more, regularly flew to visit his mother.
Crime has move toward becoming a issue for the specialists on Great Bahama, what’s more, eight murders have been recorded this year.
Two months back the US international safe haven cautioned that ‘a number of US nationals had fallen casualty to outfitted burglary what’s more, two had been killed in the last eight months’.

The most later casualties were two American travelers going by Jaws Shoreline in the western New Provision area.

They were robbed by criminals equipped with ambush rifles.
In one especially humiliating episode that risen last December, acting prime serve Philip Davis was burglarized at gunpoint.
Last night the police issued a explanation saying: ‘Police gotten data that a male was lethally shot at a living arrangement in the Emerald Narrows area. 
‘Officers reacted what’s more, it was revealed that at some point around 7am on Tuesday a male detailed that while at home with his family, three veiled men equipped with a handgun what’s more, a blade entered their home what’s more, they were robbed.

An quarrel happened between the aggressor what’s more, one of the male residents, who was lethally shot. 
‘Medical staff reacted what’s more, the body was articulated dead at the scene by specialists from the Rand Commemoration Hospital.’
Officers claimed for data to track down the gang.
A Remote Office representative said: ‘We are mindful of the demise of a English national in the Bahamas what’s more, we are giving consular assistance.’

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