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By Claire Ellicott for the Day by day Mail
Updated: 08:34 BST, 8 December 2010
When Sue Barton entered her kitchen early one morning, she found her feline fold tore off the door.

Determined not to be outfoxed, she drafted in creature specialists who found scratches what’s more, biting around the door.

They told her it was most likely a hungry fox baited by the aroma of sustenance – or, then again potentially the smell of the family cat. 
Outfoxed: Sue Barton appears the remains of her feline fold which was likely tore off the back entryway by a hungry fox
Mrs Barton, who said she suspected that two of her felines had been slaughtered by a fox in the past, is persuaded they are right.

She said that foxes routinely threatened what’s more, assaulted felines what’s more, little cats where she lived what’s more, she suspects that one had indeed tore her cat’s head off in the past.

She locks her felines inside at night as she is dreadful of another assault on her pets.

The suspected fox cleared out in its wake a trail of annihilation following the endeavored break-in on Saturday night.

A nailed-on cat-flap was torn away, a length of wood from the base of the wooden entryway was pulled off what’s more, the paintwork damaged.

Luckily, the feline was fine.

Mrs Barton, 53, who lives with her child Max, 26, from Westcotes, Leicester, said: ‘There are foxes around here what’s more, Max what’s more, I have seen them assaulting little cats before.

‘Two a long time prior one of our grown-up female felines was found with its head missing what’s more, I had a little cat vanish as well. Since at that point I’ve continuously close the felines in at night.’
Mrs Barton said that she had heard commotions the night some time recently be that as it may had assumed it was felines fighting.

She said: ‘I got out of bed in the early hours of Sunday morning what’s more, went first floor what’s more, found the harm done.
Lock-in: Mrs Barton’s pets, counting Drusilla, pictured, have been kept inside at night since one of her felines was slaughtered two a long time ago
‘I’d heard clamors what’s more, accepted it was the felines yet at that point I saw the feline fold was gone what’s more, I was truly taken aback.

‘It was as it were the next morning that I as a matter of fact went outside what’s more, saw the scratch marks in the sunlight what’s more, it was astounding.

‘We’ve been kidding about it being The Wild Mammoth of Westcotes.’

It isn’t the to begin with time foxes have been suspected of sneaking into houses looking for sustenance what’s more, last year, there were a spate of assaults that appeared to appear that the creatures were getting to be more daring.

One mother found her twin little girls being destroyed by a fox in June this year.

Victim: Sprinkle the little cat was protected from a fox by Mrs Barton’s child Max, yet vanished eight months later
Pauline Koupparis strolled into their room after hearing their cries to find a fox had sneaked in through an open entryway what’s more, crawled upstairs to their room some time recently assaulting them.

The 41-year-old design originator from Hackney, London, talked of her ‘living nightmare’ after Isabella, one of her nine-month-old daughters, was cleared out battling for her life in serious mind while Lola, the other daughter, was cleared out looking like a ‘horror movie’.

Chris Mullins, of Loughborough, who runs Beastwatch UK, a gathering that gathers sightings what’s more, reports of strange animals, considers a fox or, on the other hand badger was capable for the assault on Mrs Barton’s home.

He said: ‘The chilly has most likely caused this creature to attempt to get inside since of the shortage of food.

‘My figure is that it either noticed sustenance inside or, on the other hand was after a cat.

‘All wild animals, counting foxes what’s more, birds, move toward becoming much more brave in icy weather.

‘Another savage creature that would be very skilled of doing this sort of harm would be a badger.’

He added: ‘Badgers are getting to be more urbanized what’s more, are overflowing in numerous cities.

‘A badger would most unquestionably be going for the cat, despite the fact that the scratch marks would likely be more noticeable on the off chance that it was a badger.’

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