Anne’s agony: Battered, kicked and stabbed, the desperate plight of Britain’s last circus elephant

By Claire Ellicott for the Day by day Mail
Updated: 12:13 BST, 12 Walk 2011
Two men were confronting imprison last night for planning with Raoul Canal what’s more, acting as his partners in crime amid his deadly rampage.
Karl Ness what’s more, Qhuram Awan broke down in the dock as they were indicted of helping the gunman, who shot three people, murdering one, all through the plot.
Helicopter film uncovered the minute the match were captured by police who tossed shock projectiles at their auto following a chase.
Caught: The minute Qhuram Awan what’s more, Karl Ness (in a red shirt) were captured after police tossed shock projectiles at their auto

Facing jail: Ness, left, what’s more, Awan. Ness was sentenced of kill what’s more, both men were sentenced of scheme to murder, endeavored kill what’s more, robbery

Tears: Samantha Stobbart, who was shot in the stomach by Raoul Moat, wipes her eyes today after the decision at Newcastle Crown Court
Ness, 26, was indicted of kill what’s more, ownership of a gun with plan to imperil life for which he will get a obligatory life sentence.
Both respondents were found blameworthy of intrigue to murder, endeavored kill what’s more, robbery.
Pc David Rathband, who was cleared out blinded at the point when Canal shot him in the face, embraced his wailing spouse Kath in the open display as the decisions were delivered.
Both respondents showed up to crumple at the point when they learned their destiny what’s more, held their heads in their hands for a few minutes.
They had beforehand told the jury at Newcastle Crown Court that they were held prisoner by Moat, who murdered himself amid a stand-off with police in Rothbury, Northumberland.
But the jury indicted them of being willing assistants after hearing that Ness what’s more, Awan made a difference Channel remain one step ahead of the law amid his frenzy in July last year.
Ness, of Dudley, North Tyneside, had been with steroid someone who is addicted Channel on the night he executed karate master Christopher Brown, 29, the new sweetheart of his ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart.
After Mr Dark colored was murdered, Channel turned his weapon on Miss Stobbart, 22, clearing out her battling for her life in healing center as Moat’s previous business accomplice Ness held up nearby.
Just some time recently the murder, Canal sent Ness a message saying of his ex-girlfriend what’s more, Mr Brown: ‘Slagging me off great what’s more, proper. Just watch. Lol.’
Long wait: PC David Rathband, blinded after being impacted in the confront by Moat, with his spouse Kath today, who broke down in tears as the decision was delivered
Touching moment: The Rathbands kiss after taking off court following the jury’s decision
While in prison, Canal had too requested Ness to spy on her to get her with a new man.
Part-time technician what’s more, porter Awan, 23, of Blyth, Northumberland, made a difference the combine after the to begin with shooting by driving a getaway auto to a forest hideout.
The next day, Awan was driving 37-year-old Channel at the point when they came over Northumbria Police movement officer Pc Rathband’s car.
Shopping for supplies: Ness, 26, what’s more, Awan, 23, at a Sainsbury’s store in Alnwick purchasing hardware for Moat
Getaway car: The Lexus possessed by Awan who drove Ness what’s more, Channel about amid the rampage

Moat shot the 43-year-old what’s more, cleared out him for dead. The court too heard that in no time some time recently assaulting the Pc, Canal rang 999 to tell police he was ‘hunting for officers’.
Ness what’s more, Awan at that point made a difference the outlaw loot a Northumberland chip shop what’s more, set up his campground in a farmer’s field.
Throughout the trial, the combine kept up they went along with Moat’s requests as it were since they dreaded for their lives what’s more, those of their families.
Vindictive: Channel (left) murdered Chris Dark colored since he was envious he was going out with his ex-girlfriend

Crucial confirm against the assistants included ‘hostage’ letters which demonstrated the men were imagining to be held against their will.
In one letter seized by detectives, Awan composed to his sister: ‘It’s my companion that’s holding me ‘hostage’.
‘I’m as a matter of fact more secure than safe. I’m as a matter of fact in a safe area out of harm’s way. Consume this letter after you have read it.’
Support: Ness joins Moat, left, on a supplies trip to B&Q in Newcastle
CCTV film appeared the match looking quiet what’s more, loose as they ran errands for the executioner amid his rampage.
Kingsley Hyland, a senior CPS lawyer, said outside court: ‘It was the Crown’s case that Karl Ness what’s more, Qhuram Awan, at unique times, energetically locked in with Canal in full information of what his goals were.
‘The jury have acknowledged that. Ness what’s more, Awan will presently have a significant time to reflect upon the outcomes of partnering themselves to Canal what’s more, his deadly intentions.’
Impromptu campsite: Ness made a difference pitch the tent Channel stowed away in while on the run
Outside court Pc Rathband said: ‘My family what’s more, I are to a great degree satisfied with the decisions that have been delivered.’
He marked the assistants ‘liars’, adding: ‘I have a lifetime to live what’s more, they have a lifetime to reflect. I am beyond any doubt I am in a better put than them.’
Sentencing was deferred until Tuesday.
Evidence: A letter sent by Awan to his sister. It made a difference tip police off over where Canal was hiding

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